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About me

Hi. I'm the guy who went through the Wiki and changed nearly every instance of "reload canceling" to the proper "reload cancelling". I like the MW series above all other CoD games.

I hate Black Ops. I played until I was 4th prestige, so I think I can formulate my opinion on it, thanks. My favourite gametype is Core Search and Destroy, and if I'm playing something else, I'm getting attachments. My MW2 KDR is 1.53, in MW3 it's 1.58.

I love the F2000.

Rant against "Quickscopers"

I really hate "quickscoper culture". I am often avoided on XBL with "lacking skill" as the reason because whenever I come across a 'public' SnD game, I use a rifle (and consequently often go flawless and MVP). I hate quickscope kiddies with a passion, and I will go out of my way to ruin public games in which everyone is quickscoping. Sniping is sniping, hardscoping is sniping, dragscoping is sniping, quickscoping is sniping, don't say "omfg you hardscoping noob". I can quickscope well enough, but I do no enjoy it and will not participate in "quickscope lobbies". I hate how noobscopers ruin my favourite gametype by using it as a showcase for their nooby little quickscope kills. I hate whatever chain of events lead to noobscoping being considered "cool". I hate quickscope montages, because they all are exactly the same. Whoopee, you killed someone with a QS, but you also cut out how you went negative and missed 4 out of every 5 shots. I hate quickscopers because they make up the vast majority of fake 10th prestiges. I hate fake 10th prestiges because some players actually said to me "omg you noob you actually wasted time prestiging?".

I hold my breath when I snipe, because it's the intelligent thing to do.

For whatever reason, you can follow me on Twitter.

MW2 Classes

  • Rifleman (TDM/SND)

AK-47 or F2000 with either FMJ or Silencer, depending on gametype. Sleight of Hand, Stopping Power, Ninja. Claymore, Smoke Grenade. Secondaries are either Akimbo Deagles or a SPAS-12 with a grip. SnD variants often have a tac-knife deagle because I like the increased hipfire accuracy.

  • Domination

MP5K Silencer, C4, Smoke Grenade. Marathon, Lightweight, Ninja. C4 is great if you hide it near a flag and notice you're losing said flag.

  • Bling

F2000 with FMJ and Silencer, Claymore, Smoke Grenade. Sleight of Hand, Stopping Power, Ninja. SPAS-12 with Grip and RDS.

  • Support

AK-47 with Silencer, Stinger, Claymore, Smoke Grenade. Sleight of Hand, Cold-Blooded, Ninja.

  • Tactical

UMP45 with Rapid Fire, SPAS-12 with Grip, Tactical Insertion, Smoke Grenade. SoH, Lightweight, Ninja.


  • I am often called a "tryhard" or "camper" in S&D, because I play to win. If I see the bomb, I will defend it. If I hear you coming because you're not using Dead Silence/Ninja, I will wait for you. A rapid fire silenced UMP beats lots of guns in close range, but I have to use a proficiency/perk and two attachments. If you're running around in open ground like a retard, I won't run up to you so that you can try to quickscope me. This makes people mad.

F2000 menu icon MW2.png This user positively adores his F2000.
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