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I own Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Black Ops. I have played the Modern Warfare 3 Free Weekend and hope to eventually get that game.

My personal opinions of each COD game I own:Edit

-Call of Duty 4: One of the best games I've played in a while. Since it came out a while ago, it runs smoothly on my system and the multiplayer is utterly flawless. Though I'm mostly a singleplayer guy, COD4 brought me into the world of multiplayer gaming, and I'm constantly getting better. 5/5

-Black Ops: While I've not played Modern Warfare 2 so I can't say if it's a step up or down from it, I can say that it's significantly worse than Call of Duty 4. I've heard that MW2 has a matchmaking system which makes it impossible to get rid of hackers, so I'm going to assume this makes it somewhat better than MW2. But this game is still worse than Call of Duty 4. The graphics aren't much better than COD4, yet the game lags so much, which generally leads to me getting one kill (or less) and at least ten deaths every match. I liked the level of customization you can apply to your guns and stuff, but it could use some tweaking. Other than that, it's not as great as other COD games but better than your average FPS. I'd give it a 4/5

-MW3: I haven't played the singleplayer, but I've played the multiplayer (albeit not extensively). I reached up to about Level 20 in the timespan of 2 1/2 days, which is all the time I got for the free weekend. It's definitely a step up from Black Ops, but like it, the game lags, but the graphics are improved and runs smoothly enough for my success on the lowest possible settings. Overall, 4.5/5

What Do I Think About The Guns?Edit

I'm a sniper guy. I don't play Black Ops much anymore because it lags horribly, and I go assault the few times the MW3 Free Weekend comes around, so this will be my opinion on the COD4 sniper weapons.

  • M40A3: A very good rifle, only if you pair it with Stopping Power (since this is basically a necessity, I'll state my opinion with Stopping Power in mind) Low recoil, more ammunition than the R700, and just as powerful. It's a great rifle.
  • M21: Practically recoilless, but has so little power you can't call it a sniper rifle. I scored sixty kills by spraying and praying with this gun in CQB. Don't even look at it, even with Stopping Power it'll take at least two body shots.
  • Dragunov: Probably the best sniper rifle in the game. It's basically a hybrid of the M40A3 and the Barrett .50, and you get the best of both worlds. Low recoil, high power. You can't beat this gun. The only disadvantage is the obvious loss in accuracy due it it being a semi-automatic.
  • R700: No offense to anyone, but this is basically a retarded M40A3. Higher power, but this is the only advantage it has over the M40A3. It has higher recoil, more sway, and only four rounds per magazine. I'd go with the M40A3 any day.
  • Barrett .50: The ultimate sniper rifle. High power, high recoil, high rate of fire, and a beast in close quarters due to its smaller hipfire spread than other sniper rifles. I use Stopping Power since it guarantees a one-hit kill, I tried using Sleight of Hand but the increase in damage works better for me than a quicker reload.

And here is my opinion on the handguns.

  • M9: An adequate sniper's pistol. Don't use a silencer unless you plan on going assault, which is hardly something any sensible sniper would do. It has a large magazine, high rate of fire, and clear sights. Use this if you haven't unlocked the Desert Eagle.
  • USP .45: An analogy to better explain its similarities with the M9 - M40A3 : R700 :: M9 : USP.45. Assault players only.
  • M1911: Identical to the USP.45, but has a smaller magazine. Don't even look at it.
  • Desert Eagle and Gold Desert Eagle: If you're used to the M9, this takes a little getting used to. You'll usually see the pros running around and firing off all seven rounds in your direction, do not attempt this unless you want to die. Due to its low starting ammo, small magazine, and ridiculous recoil, you should use Bandolier and Sleight of Hand. If you're a pro, disregard the following message. Do not aim down the sights, ever, since the sights are obstructive and the recoil makes this even worse. Crouch to shrink your hipfire spread, and take single shots. That's all I can say.
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