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aka D.I.Y. or Die

  • I live in Los Angeles
  • I was born on July 10
  • My occupation is Student/Gamer
  • I am Male

Warning: There is language on this page that some readers may consider offensive.

113xembed/videoseries?list=PL32E0C8D9488FE966&amp1 Against All Authority - Shut it Down
Lower Class Brats - Who Writes Your Rules?
Subhumans - Work-Rest-Play-Die
NOFX - Franco Un-American
A Global Threat - ...Until We Die
— Punk attitude
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About MeEdit

Hey. Name is Chris. I try to do my best on this wiki. I guess I shall just write stuff about me. My user name may confuse you. It is Straight Edge Fiend. Not sex fiend, not sex friend, not sexy friend. Please, do not call me those names, they kind of piss me off. I just want to clear that up right now.

Straight Edge (sXe)Edit

If you do not know what straight edge is let me tell you. Straight Edge is a lifestyle that a person takes up. What it means is that I do not take drugs or alchohol. By drugs I mean like weed, meth, cocaine, etc. Some others can take it further to include total veganism and abstinence of sex.

Now there is alot of people who criticize straight edge people, because quite a few of us are really uptight and think that they are better than other people. I am not like that. I hate those people. They distort the sXe scene to make every one in come out to be a pretentious asshole. I do not give a fuck if some one is sXe or not, if I like you, I like you.

Music and More Stuff?Edit

I listen to Punk, Ska, Reggae, Oi!, and some Metal. In that case I consider myself to be ska punk (or a rude punk, I made that one up). I used to listen to hip hop and rap, but I find that it got to repetitive and all it talked about is sex and women. I wanted something more. But the are two Rappers/rap groups I will listen to. The first is Immortal Tecnique, I'd say he is a punk just expresses it in rap (listen to him). The other is the old Bone Thugs N Harmony. Their new music is crap.

Um. I am a Catholic. Um a few things I hate. I hate Nazis and racists (even if they are my own race). I was taught to judge a man's character and not his skin color. Do not know why people but so much empahsis on color.


I have an Xbox 360. My GT is sXe Fiend.

Games I OwnEdit

y3xN3.jpg AoVUO.jpg I4PFi.jpg n8uxo.jpg

XlNgv.jpg n2KJG.jpg ODHxf.jpg w72xx.jpg

YmjPG.jpg Jkyxp.jpg HFFB1.jpg Ky4Ll.jpg

vFFtP.jpg 9OMTw.jpg eFBjD.jpg 5gXKy.jpg

WO9kQ.jpg 4GKSX.jpg jXleq.jpg G0wvV.jpg

cZVx8.jpg 0ES62.jpg 6cB4C.jpg UQoZX.jpg

nhdKm.jpg 0MTDb.jpg ZGcKT.jpg puHnK.jpg

LKt01.jpg HKwHp.jpg IJUfx.jpg hhxen.jpg

C8AJ2.jpg NyjKO.jpg FG9xu.jpg iZfjE.jpg

I4zOu.jpg 2YTmh.png iOaag.jpg QxtwK.png

60fgM.jpg EWdCb.jpg QNPGJ.jpg xJQpJ.jpg

c4ZqgAb.jpg qtMG3Np.jpg 8ZCszl7.jpg 7E4fByQ.jpg

WEBPmql.jpg zDCuaBm.jpg

Game AchievementsEdit

  • 100%-ted Assassin's Creed. (4/23/12)
  • Went 78/23 in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 on Hardcore Ricochet: Domination. (4/13/12)
  • 100%-ted Assassin's Creed II. (5/24/12)
  • 100%-ted Minecraft. (6/29/12)

Pages I createdEdit

Stabbed In The Heart
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Template:CoD2BRO Maps
Town Square
Crossroads (multiplayer)
A Baker's Dozen
Skilled Negotiator
Ice in Your Veins
Slippery Slope
Template:CoDBO Mobile Levels
Template:Achievement Hunter
Gross Profit
Places Everyone!
It wasn't me...
Canine Caution
Insert Coin (Black Ops Zombies)
Easy Rhino (Black Ops Zombies)
See My Vest
Mother Hen
Fickle Fated
Whole Nine Yards
False Idol
Lazy Boy
I hate these guys
Eagle Has Landers (Black Ops Zombies)
We Have A Problem
Chimp On The Barbie (Black Ops Zombies)
Damn Dirty Apes
Thrust master
Template:CoDBO Zombies Achievements
Five Seven/Attachments
Category:The Bog images
Category:The Coup images
Category:Crew Expendable images
Category:Blackout images
Category:Charlie Don't Surf images
Category:Hunted images
Category:War Pig images
Category:One Shot, One Kill images
Category:No Fighting In The War Room images
Category:Game Over images
Category:F.N.G. images
Category:Aftermath (mission) images
Category:The Sins of the Father images
Category:Mile High Club images
Siege (Achievement)
Lights Out (Achievement)
Deer in the Headlights
Deliver This
Discriminating Buyer
Category:Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Achievement/Trophy images
Category:Call of Duty: Black Ops Achievement/Trophy images
Category:Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Achievement/Trophy images
Category:Call of Duty 2 Achievement images
Category:Call of Duty 3 Achievement images
Category:Call of Duty: Classic Achievement/Trophy images
Category:Call of Duty: World at War Achievement/Trophy images
High IQ
Back in Time
Giant Accomplishment
Mission Complete
Black Ops II Master
Old Fashioned
Five Seven/Camouflage
FHJ-18 AA/Camouflage
Ballistic Knife/Camouflage

Userboxes (alot of people have them, so why not?)Edit

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