Todo because am forgetful [edit | edit source]

  • Zombies segments for BOCW.
    • AR
    • SMG
    • LMG
    • TR
    • SR
    • PSTL
    • STGN
    • ML/SP
  • Potential upgrade to attachment view.
    • Cleaner? All Levels?
  • View models for guns.
    • Always ongoing.
    • Updated to Season 2, Waiting on new Sniper Rifle.
      • Handheld Scorestreaks
  • Split Zombies template. Prototype on /Aether
    • Aether, Chaos, Dark Aether
    • Nazi Zombies
    • Exo Zombies
    • Infinite Warfare Zombies
    • Rework Treyarch Zombies page
    • Start splitting process, Work on templates to make into childs.
      • Make page for Main Quests
  • Customisations for BOCW
    • Figure how to work into templates to make more accessable/visable
  • Finish Utilities revamp.
  • Finish Traps rebuild.
  • Rebuild of the Points page.
  • Look at working out a Basics page. Scrapped into Bootcamp, Tinker stuff will still apply. Possible retirement of simplified ruleset for BC.
    • Tinker with rules, connect them better with each other.
  • COD:BC - Boot Camp

Project: Boot Camp[edit | edit source]

All communities that utilise a form of Mediawiki often have their own Policies which police how content is handled in their communities. As such, to help newer editors understand how to both apply and why some policies are enforced, the Call of Duty Wiki is launching Project: Boot Camp as a way to simplify the learning process.

COD:BB[edit | edit source]

Sometimes taking the first step can be a difficult task. Sometimes, You simply just need to take the reigns and BE BOLD! Don't be afraid to take the first step into editing something, even the most veteran of editors has made mistakes before. If you mess something up, it can be undone easily.

COD:DDD[edit | edit source]

Talk Pages are utilised for hubs of discussion and as such, removing posts from them is generally not allowed. There are some exceptions, such with explicit spam and the archival of longer pages for the sake of load times.

COD:NOT[edit | edit source]

COD:SUM[edit | edit source]

COD:YOU[edit | edit source]

COD:IRL[edit | edit source]

COD:NOTE[edit | edit source]

COD:TRIVIA[edit | edit source]

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