aka Sam Moon

  • I live in Various places in Australia
  • I was born on January 6
  • My occupation is /plan to be: Adventurer
  • I am Male

Hello there. Sadly my real name is not Seijana, pity, because I like the name. Was mostly active on the fanfic part of the CoD Wiki, so I generally spend the majority of my wiki time on the fanfic site now. I am a blatant spammer but have managed to control the impulse to post meaningless crap on the wiki, at the expense of the Runescape Forums. For the goal of having a laugh, I have hoarded copies of speedy-deleted articles, once I find a way I will have the most inane and irrelevant of them up as a userpage of mine or something

On Call of Duty I love easter eggs, glitches and hacking and no I do NOT Aimbot or anything like that, instead I abuse the developer console on private matches and solo missions to do all manner of stuff not normally allowed (being a PC player is really helpful for that). Below I have provided a gallery of my hacking and glitching adventures.

I also found this glitch while hacking around in All Ghillied Up, lets just say McMillain's AI was very confused...

Personal Seijana Wave 33 Kino Der Toten

Woohoo! Bragging rights for the win!

Oh, and another picture I find very funny.

Personal Seijana Viktor Reznov pokemon card

Below is some of the best music ever made.

Immediate Music - Armed by Faith

Immediate Music - Armed by Faith

Electric Romeo (Choir) - Immediate Music

Electric Romeo (Choir) - Immediate Music

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