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Explanatory Theories on Doctor Edward RichtofenEdit

  • It may be that Richtofen's schizophrenic like insanity may have actually been caused by Steiner. Similar to how he, along with Kravechenko and Dragovich, brainwashed Mason during his stay at Vorkuta.
    • This would explain why the "Voices" are only heard by him after the activation of the radio(s) in the starting room of Shi No Numa.
      • The male voice preceding the message itself, is heard broadcasting a series of numbers before and after the radio 'message' to Peter, further suggesting that Steiner was the one who brainwashed him, as he is the only known individual to have experimented with numeric sequences as triggers.
      • Much like Mason was 'programmed' to kill Kennedy, Richtofen may have been similarily 'programmed' to kill Ludwig Maxis and his daughter, Sofia. as Edward could have heard a similar sequence of numbers.
  • It may be that Richtofen and Steiner are related through their work as both had interests in working with manipulation or control of the mind. With Steiner, it was brainwashing and subsequent 'reprogramming' of the mind. Richtofen, however, went about with actual mind-control, attempting to 'cut out' the part of the brain which allowed self control. This is revealed through various radios found throughout the Zombie campaign.
    • It is believed by some that Richtofen, Steiner, and Amsel are all family relatives due to their similarities, however there is no proof of this and is highly unlikely. As it is more likely they were related through their work, if related at all.
  • It may be that Richtofen, Steiner or both were with Amsel and and since it has been believed that Nikolai Belinski was with the Russians at that time, that would explain the hate/friendship for Nikolai.
  • Steiner allowing Dragovich to attempt to kill Reznov and Dimitri with Nova 6 may have been a method of revenge. As it was Reznov and Dimitri who killed Amsel, Steiner could have learned this while conversing with Kravenchenko and Dragovich.
    • This could be a supporting factor for the relatedness of Steiner and Amsel, as colleagues.
      • If true, then it also supports the possibility that Richtofen may also be related.
  • While playing the level Vorkuta, after stepping out of the elevator and examining the 'books' spread out on the floor, "Edward Richtofen" can be read off of one. This supports the theory that he may have been brain washed, or otherwisely involved with Steiner's work.
  • It may be that Element 115, Ununpentium, may be in Nova 6, and Richtofen helped Steiner to create it, that would explain the Zombies with Nova 6 gas coming off of them. However, it is more likely that the Gas Zombies were either victims of Nova 6 that were ressurected by 115.
    • They could also just be genetic expirements gone wrong in an attempt to modify the human body to become immune to the gas
    • They could also just be genetic expirements gone wrong in an attempt to modify the human body to become human time bombs that would release the gas.
    • It is also very possible that they are just Zombies that were exposed to the gas for an extensive period of time.
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