aka That Guy Who Knows Some CSS

  • I live in Universe, Milky Way, Orion Arm, Solar System, Earth
  • My occupation is Being a Human Being, Editing this wiki, Doing stuff on youtube
  • I am a Human


Greetings! You have arrived at the userpage of ShadowMan177!

About Me

I'm a friendly regular editor on this wiki. However, I also make larger changes to articles, like adding descriptions or guides on how to use them. I'm like your average, everyday editor.

Favorite Call of Duty Games

' This user loves Call of Duty: Black Ops III!
' This user loves MW2!

Favorite Weapons

ACR menu icon MW2 This user loves the ACR!
M27 Menu Icon BOII This user loves the M27!
ACR menu icon MW3 This user loves the ACR 6.8!
ACR menu icon MW2 This user loves the ACR!
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