Userboxes Edit

M1911 menu icon CoD4 This user misses the M1911.
PMG Desert Eagle XX This user is an artist of The Gun Pimpers
Grenade Launcher menu icon MW2 This user loves the Noob Tube!
Thermal Scope menu icon MW2 This user thinks the Thermal Sight makes sniping too easy!
PP-2000 menu icon MW2 This user loves the PP-2000!
AUG HBAR menu icon MW2 This user loves the AUG!

' This user is a SPAS-12 Lover!
Treyarch-logo qjgenth This user knows that Treyarch is better than Infinity Ward
CoD5 PCcover This user's favourite Call of Duty game is Call of Duty: World at War.
P90 CoD4 This user likes to hip-fire the P90.
Ds lite This user thinks that the CoD games for DS receive too little attention.
Reddotironmp 4
This user can't get enough of the Red Dot Sight.

Death from above
This user enjoyed raining Death From Above
This user loves to play on the map Highrise.
USP.45 menu icon CoD4
This user uses the USP .45 over the Desert Eagle.
This user's favorite faction is the Marines.
This user wonders if Sgt. Foley knows any other name besides RAMIREZ!
Bare Load Screen Terminal MW2
This user loves to play on the map Terminal.

Washington Monument
This user liked playing as the U.S. Rangers fighting on American soil.
Personal Maj.Gage ATEFI logo This user is in the Alliance To End Firearm Ignorance!
Accuracy International Arctic Warfare - Psg 90 This user's favorite sniper rifle in real life is the Accuracy International Arctic Warfare!
NZ Richtofen This user's favourite Nazi Zombie character is Dr Richtofen
Vandals This user has rollback abilities.
WaW Perk Weapon Flamethrower This user loves the M2 Flamethrower

Grenade Launcher menu icon MW2 This user will noob tube relentlessly. Beware.
Xbox360 This user plays CoD on Xbox 360, but couldn't care less about whose console is "better". (Play the game on your console and enjoy it, there's no need to insult everybody else's console of choice.)
Timthumb This user can't wait for Call of Duty: Black Ops to be released!
Beautiful-pink-flower This user is an Admin's pet.
TrollFace-1- This user is an Official Smart-Ass!
Marine Logo This user is becoming a Marine!

PIE This user is an official Off-Topicer!
Girl-scout-cookie-sales This user is a Girl-Scout!
Beautiful-pink-flower Begone, vandals! This admin's pet has rollback priviliges!
M1014 menu icon MW2 This user loves the M1014!
Weapon camo menu red tiger This user loves Red Tiger!
Weapon camo menu blue tiger This user loves Blue Tiger!

SCAR-H menu icon MW2 This user loves the SCAR-H!
Spetsnaz Logo MW2 This user loves the Spetsnaz!
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