Red guy: Damn! Hey blue, we're the only two left! Let's work together!

Blue guy: What do you mean?

Red guy: I'm coming out!

Blue guy: Okay, I'm coming out too!

They meet in the stream

Blue guy: What did you mean we could work as a team?

The red guy smashes the blue guy in the face with his gun

Red guy: I bash you in the head with my rifle and you die. Good teamwork you fucking noob. Good game, good game everybody! GG man, GG. (takes a hit from nowhere in the back of the head and falls over)

-Red vs Blue Season 3 Episode 39 Best Laid Plans.

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Well I'm Sniperteam82308 also known as Sniper or Sniperteam but my real name is Justin.You can call me any of the four but please I only like to be called by name when being disciplined. I have an Xbox 360 and my live gamertag is Sniperteam 82308. The games I play are, all of the Call of Duty's, all the Halo's, both Assassin's Creeds, both Left 4 dead's, all the Resident Evil's, Fallout 3, Star Wars Republic Commando, Terminator Salvation, Dead Rising, and both Army of Two's. I am a semi active user here mostly on blogs but if
INSANE CLOWN POSSE- Fuck The World Lyrics

INSANE CLOWN POSSE- Fuck The World Lyrics

Oh if only I could tell that to all the dumbasses here.

I find a vandal has messed up a page I will fix it however due to my unimaginably slow computer I cannot compete with many other users here. I know I probably shouldn't put my real age on here but I am 18. I am a full time user on the Red vs. Blue wiki having over 1100 edits currently there and am working on becoming an admin. I am also a writer and have many friends and family test my novels(my longest one is over 500 pages long and is about a team of snipers it is also where my username and gamertag come from the captains designation is Sniper82308 and hes part of a sniper team.) I am not one of those noobs that have the word sniper in my name but really suck at it. I once got a nuke using only my Barrett without hardline or full metal jacket bullets(yes I know what FMJ means.) I also study sniper rifles and have a encyclopedia dedicated to sniper rifles(everyone in recorded history). I also consider myself a nice person and am not one to putt someone down intentionally unless they have repeatedly hurt me by being mean or have become a regular vandal just destroying the wiki instead of helping it. I also hate Call of Duty World at War(except the zombie game mode) and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (believing it was trying to copy every war movie ever) That's pretty much it about me. Here's my main page on the Red vs Blue wiki .

People/Things I like

Every CoD but MW2.




Red vs Blue




Resident Evils

Gears of Wars

Pretty much every other FPS or TPS

Barsoom novels

Original Star Wars trilogy

BengalMan81 One of the people on this wiki I can call a friend.

Shotrocket6 Yet another user who I can call a friend.

Star Wars The Clone Wars(season 3 is pretty good)

People/Things I hate

Justin Beiber (he ruins my good name of Justin)

My little brother I have spent over $3000 on things for my xbox(games headsets etc.) and he breaks it along with nearly everything else.

People that believe that Call of Duty: Black Ops is historical because someone said something about it being about Operations that have been covered up.

Brain Deads that believe Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2 are based on real events.

Kids that think there are only four kinds of Sniper rifles because that's how many are in MW2.

People that hack.

Star Wars Prequel Trilogy

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