Spectre Helix

  • I live in Site Hotel Bravo, Afghanistan
  • My occupation is Shadow Company Trooper
  • I am Male
  • Bio I use these pages for accurate information on multiple levels. I use it for studying fandom crap, help making books while following lore, and plain enjoyment.

    'Nuff Said
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I use this mostly for reference or when I am making unofficial fanfiction "books". I enjoy this a lot, and I have just begun to edit other pages of information. My favorite games would probably have to be MW2, Battlefield Three, and Battlefield Four. However, I do enjoy many other games that I didn't list. I don't even have to state that my favorite faction is Shadow Company since you've all noticed by now that it's my profile picture.

I would also like to join the US military in the future, but that's not important here.

Yes, I do enjoy acting as if I were in Shadow Company.



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