Speical ops genral minigun

aka Rob

  • I live in Ohio
  • I was born on April 20
  • My occupation is Amateur Game Developer
  • I am Male

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This userpage is all about SOGM if you do anything to vandalise this page or my talk i will get you banned!Edit
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Speical ops genral minigun is currently online on Call of Duty Wiki.

YAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-Me and my dad after i destroyed a harrier with a semtex!

CoD1 Weapon PPShSignatureSpecialOpsGenralMinigunRay Gun 3rd person view WaW is a big callofduty fan.

It's been July 2, 2010 UTC This message will be displayed if the timer does not show up (like if you do not have javascript enabled on your browser) since I began editing on this Call of Duty Wiki.

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your user page pales in comparison to mine!

Ask me Any Questions about ANY weapon

Below are my 4 favorate things

Paintball War
Personal Speical ops genral minigun Airsoft
Video Games Paintball Airsoft Warfare

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These are the list of users i consiter friends if you consiter me a friend add your name and if you dont consiter yourself a friend you can delete your self or you can add yourself!

Zombie Dropper

sgt sprinkles


alex martin rider

toilet bowl soldier


cpl dunn

my wunderwaffe iz missin


bravo alpha six


conqueror of all zombies



happy boy

cpt riley




fall 50 cal.

Guthix's mage2



TheManOfIron and back :))))))))))))))))))


Helljumper (Eat a taco and shut up!!!)


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systems Edit

  • PS3
  • Xbox 360
  • PC
  • IPhone
  • PS2
  • PS1
  • DSI XL
  • PSP
  • WII
  • SEGA

Goals Edit

*Achieve 1000 edits

*achieve 1500 edits

  • achieve 2000 edits
  • achieve 2500 edits
  • achieve 3000 edits
  • achieve 500 mainspace edits
  • warn 20 vandals
  • become a sysop
  • become a beycraut
  • achieve 10,000 edits
  • block 50 vandals

Pimp my guns Edit

Please note that five files were deleted from this gallery.

Favorate weapons Edit

These are what i would use for a zombie apoloclypse

Utilitys:PAP Machine,Flogger and zombie bait executioner and zipline.

  • SMG:PPSH-41,Type 100,and MP5K and mac-10
  • LMG:Aug hbar,DP-28, and M240.
  • HMG:Minigun,MG42 and Rapid fire grenade launcher.
  • Bolt action rifle:Mosin naget,ariska and Kar98k.
  • Semi auto rifles:STG-44,M1 garand,and M1A1 carbine.
  • Auto rifles:M16A1,ACR,Car-15 and AK-103.
  • Shotgun:ranger,AA-12 and M1014.
  • Pistol:Desert Eagle,560. Magnum and Luger.
  • Equipment:C4,Claymore and Electric Barb wire.
  • Speical grenade:monkey bomb,flash and poisen gas.
  • Sniper:PTRS-41,M14 EBR and Barret 50. CAL.
  • Machine pistol:G18 akimbo,TMP Akimbo and M93 Raffica.
  • Launcher:javelin,panzershrek and AT-4.
  • Wunderweapon:Raygun,Wunderwaffe DG-2
  • Knife:Bowie knife,Throwing,and Shooting.
  • Flamethrower:M2, Flammenwerfer and ROK-53.
  • Grenade:semtex,Frag and rifle
  • Artillary:Flak 88,Triple 25 and Morter Round.
  • Attachment:n00b TubE,Bipod and Extended Mags.
  • Camo:Urban,invisable and Fall.
  • Perk:Juggernaut,Sleight of hand,double tap and Stopping power
  • Death streak:Second chance and myrterdum.
  • Killstreak:Care package,emergancy airdrop and 4TH killstreak.
  • Helicopter:Modified Blackhawk,MI-24 Hind A and little bird
  • Plane:AC-130,B-2 Bomber and Black cats.
  • Tank:M1A1 Abrams,Flame tank and T-90
  • Goggles:Distinquises humans from zombies,Night vison and INFO.
  • Ground assult veicle:Mobile artillary,half track and humvee
  • Sea asullt veicle:Transport,Battle ship and aircraft.
  • Power up:Kaboom,insta-kill and zombie freezer.
  • Multiplyer:Ammo crate,Builder and gun crate.
  • Tool:Medi-kit,Teliporter kit and disinfector.
  • Sight:RDS,Teliscophic and Swarvaski.
  • Veicle power up:Unlimited fuel,Extra health and Extra damage
  • Bow:Crossbow,Recurve and coumpond.
  • Explosive:Mortar cannon,mine and bomb.
  • Muzzleloaders:Regular.
  • Transport:Ladder,passenger plane and rope.
  • Chemical:Acid and Desinagrate smoke.
  • Around the house:sling shot and Pipe
  • Melle:Chainsaw,Katana and Lance
  • Electronics:laser.
  • Heavy guns:AT And axiom
  • Progectiles:rockets,missles and torpedos
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