Nickname(s) Squell
Rank Lieutenant
Affiliations The American Dodgeball Association of America
Status Alive
Weapon Lazer Eyes, F2000, M4, .44 Magnum, MP5k

My Goals HereEdit

My Goal is to become a bueracrat then become an evil dictator of the wiki perma banning anyone who oppose me be an extremely helpful fun wiki user who's goal is to make the wiki perfect neat and friendly.

Call Of Duty PhotosEdit


Comic Shepherd emblem MW2Squelliot Talk EditsTiger emblem MW2
TaskForce141logo-1-Squelliot Talk EditsMw2 cia-1-
Anim-pave-low emblemSquelliot Talk EditsChopper Gunner inventory icon MW2
8-bit Price Emblem MW2Squelliot Wanna Talk? Glorious editsPrice Arctic Emblem MW2
NinjaPro1Squelliot Wanna Talk? Glorious editsShuriken emblem MW2
AC-130 inventory icon MW2 Squelliot Wanna Talk? Glorious editsMarathonPro1

User Boxes Edit

MapPack2 This user is a Zombie Slayer!
Personal Maj.Gage ATEFI logo This user is in the Alliance to End Firearm Ignorance!
BARL This user loves Bolt Action Rifles
Beautiful-pink-flower This user is an Admin's pet.
PIE This user is an official Off-Topicer!
BANZAI! Not so Banzai anymore!
NavySEALs icon This user loves the U.S. Navy SEALs!
Cod7bo This user loves Call of Duty: Black Ops!
COD Black Ops Logo This user can't wait for Call of Duty: Black Ops to be released!
' This user loves Nazi Zombies!
SPAS-12 menu icon MW2 This user loves the SPAS-12!
Mw2 price 1 This user's favorite character is Captain Price!

PS3 This user plays COD on PS3, but couldn't care less about whose console is "better". (Play the game on your console and enjoy it, there's no need to insult everyone else's console of choice)
Member of the
CoD WIki Militia

Marine-military-police-symbol This user is a Recent Changes Patroller.


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