aka Why should YOU know!?

  • I live in New York
  • I was born on November 2
  • I am Male


CoDC CoDFHtr CoD2tr CoD2BROtr CoD3tr Cod4topright Cod5topright CoD5DStr CoD5FFtr MW2icontr MW2DStr BlackopsNewTopright Ztr MW3tr RealWorldtr
Born Classified
Died N/A
Allegiance United States of America
Service USMC
Ranks Major General
Unit Bravo 6
Nickname BrainiestDragon (Gamertag)
Place of Birth Classified
Years of Service Unknown Date-Present
Battles WW2, Cold War, Second Russian Civil War, Russo-American War
Other work Unknown
Awards War Veteran
Weapons Any weapon at his disposal


Location:New York City

Console: X-Box 360

Gamertag/ID: xxSIAssasainxx




  • Amsel killed, pistol
  • Giant Red apple, revealed
  • Cod 4 Veteran
  • WaW Hardened
  • Mw2 Hardened
  • Black ops Regular
  • MW3 Regular

Pages CreatedEdit

  • Sarah Leary (Deleted)


Doctor edward richtofen by spyash2-d34f8x3


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[The cake is a lie!]
Xbox 360 wireless controller
This user plays Call of Duty on an Xbox 360.
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John Soap Mactavish This user loved Soap and was sad when he died!
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