Hello I'm That40sGuy. You may remember me as an administrator from Mafia wiki! I played my first Call of Duty game in 2004. My favorite game from the series would be Call of Duty 2 but I like all of the other parts too (well except Black Ops). Since I don't have a good internet connection I mostly play single player but you can sometimes catch me in multiplayer!

I'm not so active in editing over here as on the Mafia Wiki but I read the articles and correct if something is wrong.

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hello there, oldie. RisingSun2013 19:17, September 7, 2014 (UTC)

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-"What tastes like ketchup?Ketchup does!" - Comrade Robinson

-"Why don't we take Treyarch, and let them work on Peggle 2?!

Since...y'know, has nothin to do with teh story..." - JJ and Lili

".GIFs are the Devil's image format!" - JJ

"I like Skyrim, it reminds me of Norway." - Strike on Skrym


"'Rangers lead the way....and forget their front sights." -TWITA

"Did I forget to unban 4 people?!" -Katanagod

"I think the US Army knows a little more about war than you do" - Aug

Reminders to MyselfEdit

  • Trimethoxyphenethylamine is basically a from of Mescaline found in Peyote cactus. It's a naturally occurring psychedelic alkaloid.
  • Cognitive dissonance is the act of holding two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values at the same time.
  • Tesuque, New Mexico
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