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Note, there is language on this page some may consider offensive. You have been warned.

Random quote

"Vamos, vamos, mi amor; me gusta mucho tu sabor; no, no, no, tu corazón; mucho, mucho, tu limón; dame de tu fruta, vamos mi amor!"
— Till Lindemann of Rammstein, singing in Spanish.

Hello there, friend!


My name is Yuri Vlademarovich Kaslov, though most of my friends call me Vlad. I am 24 years old. I speak English, French, a bit of German, and I know a smattering of Russian. I'm no longer in college, but I may never end up going to law school, thanks to circumstance. I play many videogames, mostly on the PC, although I do own a PS3. I listen to a lot of music, mostly older rock groups, such as Blue Oyster Cult, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Tom Petty, Metallica, or any band that has their basic styling. Of the modern music I must deal with, I like only a few bands. These are Rammstein, T.3.R., Brand New, Thrice, Alexisonfire, Iron and Wine, and most industrial metal bands.

I like video games. I started my gaming "career" with my dad's copy of Wasteland back in '96, and I was pretty big into role-playing games for a while afterwards. After Medal of Honor came out, I was in love with FPS games. I've owned almost all Medal of Honor games since (something the new guys who only bought the 2010 release can't claim). I got into CoD with the first one. I skipped over 4 because I'm a stubborn sonofabitch and didn't want to leave WWII behind. IMO, WaW was the only truly great CoD game yet. I just recently got back into RPGs with TES IV, which was quite a piece of work. F3 was even better, combining elements of my two favorite genres -- RPG and FPS -- and mixing them together. Dragon Age, however, is in an entire other level of greatness. The only thing that one lacked was open-world gameplay. New Vegas is much better than F3, but still not quite on the level of DA.

I am writing a novel. I won't reveal anything else 'cause I am not going to get copyright-fucked.

Videogame setups

These are similar to the "classes" in Black Ops. Just what I roll with in my other videogames.

Zeonic Front -- I run an MS06F2 with a 90mm MG and cracker grenades. Because it's badass.

Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield -- I tend to run a TMP or MP5KSD, with a Mk 23 as a sidearm.

Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 -- I run an MP9 with xmags, and an SR25SD with a 4x scope. I still use the Mk23 as my sidearm.

Black Ops -- Pretty simple class: An M16 w/ masterkey, and LAW rocket.

Gundam Crossfire -- Before I got rid of this (absolutely horrible) game, I would usually use an MS06K.

MoH: Airborne -- I run an StG44 with an M1912 shotgun. And an M1911 as a sidearm.

Random video


Move along. I don't believe in userboxes. They will steal my soul.

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