Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Quotes

  • "Damn, again?" - After receiving 3rd Attack Helicopter.
  • "Haha, not even Juggernaut can save you from my R700!" - After killing a Juggernaut user with my R700.
  • "I'm the Alpha Sniper!' -After defeating multiple snipers single-handedly with my sniper rifle.
  • "Yes, I love destroying Major League Gamers!" -During the intermission when I see MLG join my lobby.
  • "Thanks for the free kill!" -When killing a QSer
  • "Oops!" -When getting a multi-kill.
  • "Not surprised" -After clutching a Search and Destroy match.
  • "He though he could snipe ME?!?" -When killing a single sniper.
  • "Get dominated by a real sniper!" -When killing a QSer with my R700.
  • "Wow! Stop camping!" -When a camper kills me.
  • "Wow, he didn't move, dumbass." -When killing said camper.

Black Ops Quotes


  • "It just brings a warm feeling to my heart when I don't have any kills" -After not having any kills past round 3
  • "Good thing I have perfect aim" -When still using the M14 effectively after round 8.
  • "Yes!" -When receiving an AR from the box.
  • "Only I could do this" -When killing a zombie with the M1911 past round 15.
  • "Who got him mad?!?" When George Romero almost kills me.
  • "Good thing I'm a beast" -Escaping death without Juggernaut
  • "How sweet, you line up for me!" -When zombies follow me through a closed space.
  • "Hurry! Hurry!" -When Pack-a-Punching with a huge swarm behing me.
  • "Just leave me" -When downed past round 20.
  • "Vodka jokes are old!" -When playing online and someone repeats Nikolai's quotes.
  • "Bullets! Bullets! My republic for some bullets!" -Random
  • "Good enough" -When receiving a sniper.
  • "Hey! How do I kill him?" -When I see George Romero or the Cosmic Silverback
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