I designed this Assault/Sniper rifle, the TG-10.

Hello, I'm Tigernose. I usually hang out on the wiki IRC although I occassionally edit as well. I've been on Wikia for 5 years.

Call of Duty 4: Modern WarfareEdit


My favourite maps in order. I don't have the map pack.

  1. Wet Work - You can't get a better game than here. I'm usually calling in 2 helicopters per match here, maybe more, I know it off by heart, know all the camping locations and I also get a good game.
  2. Countdown - Same as above, experienced with it, call a lot of helicopters in, rack up the streaks and etc.
  3. Shipment - Too fun! Yes it lowers my KD ratio but who cares?
  4. Bog - I am experienced with it and I know where all the enemies come from, and am usually getting 1st place here.
  5. Pipeline - I love to snipe here, it's so fun and like the description says: great team games. Know this very well as well.
  6. Vacant - Fun as hell, love the interior and exterior fusion and am always getting great games.
  7. Showdown - It's about the shots here and how you get them. There's an infinite way of getting kills here.
  8. Crossfire - Sniping haven for me, but I prefer interior fighting and cross-map, it's so versatile!
  9. Crash - Gets on my nerves a lot, but I know all the spawns off by heart so I'm getting a giant kill streak here usually. It's not that fun though.
  10. Backlot - Can get really annoying, but I don't mind it because there's infinite ways of killing here (and dying).
  11. Overgrown - I love fighting here, I know it very well, love the Mounted Machine Guns, and can't get any more fun. Shame it's manipulated horribly by noobs who camp...
  12. District - This map is huge! It's endless, but the fighting is beast here, but seriously it's way too irritating thanks to choke points for campers.
  13. Strike - I know it very well, but it keeps on getting moved down because of the endless kills here. You can't rack up a killstreak at all without any stupid campers around every corner.
  14. Ambush - There are so many ways to die in this map, it's stupid. You're going to get flanked by 5 people, 'nade spammed or anything. I can't express how much I hate this map...
  15. Bloc - I don't get this map. It's stupid. Snipers can't do it properly without getting kills behind them or in front of them. CQC is doesn't exist here thanks to very narrow pathways and the snipers. It's not fun.
  16. Downpour - I always vote to skip this. I've only played it 5 times maybe, and I might like it if I play it, but it's so dull and boring. You can't get many kills thanks to absolutely no hiding.


Completed it twice and collected 6 intel laptops.

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