"In Modern Wararfare 2, The M4A1 sight is the M4A1 SOPMOD backup sight"


"It is possible to make a crawler before round 4 though very very difficult."


"how many rounds are there is m4a1? or m16a1?" -Cpl.Dunn009

"intervention is the very first sniper rifle unlocked followed by the barret 50 cal. it is used widley around the world by many players of call of duty modern warfare 2. it is known very well by all modern warfare 2 players because of how much people use it." - Telecrazy

Hello there! im the Toilet Bowl Soldier, I was born in a Toilet Bowl and I shall DIE in a Toilet Bowl.

First Call of Duty game: Call of Duty 2

Favorite Bolt-Action Rifle: M91/30 Rifle (Mosin Nagant)

Favorite Submachine Gun: M1 Thompson

Favorite Assault Rifle: Heckler & Koch HK 416

Favorite Sniper Rifle: M91/30 Rifle (Mosin Nagant)

Favorite Pistol: Colt 1911 (M1911)

Favorite Shotgun: KS-23

Favorite Machinegun: MG42

Favorite Machine-Pistol: Glock 18c (G18)

A victim of Toilet Bowl Soldier

Favorite Character: Roebuck from WaW

Favorite level of all time: W.M.D

Favorite Call of Duty game: The First Call of Duty

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  • Toilet Bowl Soldier was last sighted before Site Hotel Bravo blew up. Extracted by an unknown person in a UH-60 Blackhawk
  • Toilet Bowl Soldier was sighted again making a Model of a FAMAS Holographic Sight with toilet paper in the Washington Monument Evac Site.
  • Toilet Bowl Soldier was sighted again T-Bagging Shepherd's corpse.
  • Toilet Bowl Soldier made 500+ edits. Celebrated by flying out of a public toilet.
  • Toilet Bowl Soldier was sighted in Gold Coast Australia Wrestling with a Great White Shark.
  • Toilet Bowl Soldier made 1,000+ edits. Celebrated by screaming at a random little girl's face
  • Toilet Bowl Soldier was sighted buying winter gear for no reason.


  • Reach 50 Mainspace Edits
  • Reach 1,000+ Edits
  • Archive my Talk Page
  • Become User of the Month
  • Get a Medal
  • Become a Sysop

Tactical Nukes.

Number of Tactical Nukes I've got (LEGIT ON PC)

  • 1st: Skidrow on Free For All Silenced ACR with Fall Camo
  • 2nd: Wasteland on Domination Intervention FMJ with Red Tiger Camo
  • 3rd: Highrise on Domination ACR Holographic with Digital Camo
  • 4th: Rust (VERY LUCKY ONE) on Free For All SCAR-H Silenced with Blue Tiger Camo.
  • 5th: Derail on Domination Barrett M82 Silenced with Arctic Camo.
  • 6th: Quarry on Domination TAR-21 MARS Sight with Fall camo
  • 7th: Sub Base on Domination UMP.45 Silenced with Digital Camo.
  • 8th: Rundown on Domination ACR Red Dot Sight with Fall Camo.
  • 9th: Afghan on Domination TAR-21 Holographic with Blue Tiger Camo.
  • 10th: Favela on Team Deathmatch RPD Grip with no Camo.
  • 11th: Skidrow (again) on Domination MP5k Holographic with no Camo.
  • 12th: Scrapyard on Domination TAR-21 FMJ with Red Tiger Camo
  • 13th: Highrise on Team Deathmatch. M4A1 w/ Grenade Launcher (YES MY FIRST OMA NOOB TUBE NUKE!)


M4A1 Grenadier w/ Holographic Sight

Colt 1911

  • M4A1 Grenadier with the EOTech Holographic Sight, standard issue Rifle for the Toilet Bowl Soldier(s).
  • Colt 1911, standard issue sidearm for the Toilet Bowl Soldier(s)

Known For:

  • Witnessing Shepherd killing Ghost and Roach
  • Ambushing enemies in toilets
  • Supplying food for Shadow Company and Task Force 141
  • Transforming
  • Attacking Mickey Mouse in Disneyland
  • Being an idiot
  • Accusing Lady Gaga that she is Satanic
  • Being a user in the CoD Wikia (damn right)
  • Repaired the toilet in Makarov's Safehouse
  • Raiding Michael Jackson's House
  • Downloading porn from DSM
  • Hating little kids
  • Participating in a War against Vandals/Trollers
  • T-Bagging Shepherd's corpse
  • Aimbotting in MW2
  • Formerly worked for the Navy SEALs.... as a cook.
  • Being the prototype of Project: TBS.
  • Screaming at a little girl's face when Toilet Bowl Soldier found out he got 1,000+ edits.
  • Being an expert on HUNGARIAN MAGIC!!!!
  • Attempting to assasinate Justin Bieber.
  • Getting scared shitless by a website.
  • Eating pie

Toilet Bowl FM

Zero's Theme - Marvel vs. Capcom 3


Personal Maj.Gage ATEFI logo.jpg This user is in the Alliance to End Firearm Ignorance!
Real M1911 PI.jpg This user is a bad edit patroller
UMP-45 menu icon MW2.png This user HATES the UMP.45
ArmyPro.png This user thinks One Man Army Pro ain't cool and also hates it.
TrollFace-1-.png This user is an Official Smart-Ass!
M1911 This user is an M1911 Lover!

PS3&PS3slim.png This users plays Call of Duty games on PS3
TrollFace-1-.png This user is annoyed by people who lack common sense
Intervention MW2.png This user is AGAINST quickscoping
Infinity Ward logo.jpg This user has lost faith in Infinity Ward after MW2
WeaverEyepatch.png This user's favourite Call of Duty: Black Ops character is Grigori Weaver


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