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Hello everyone! My name is Toons and I am a faithful Call of Duty player and a contributor to the Call of Duty Wiki since 2015. My favorite games are Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Call of Duty: Black Ops III, in addition to the Battlefield and Halo series.

My favorite weapon variants in Advanced WarfareEdit

Assault RiflesEdit

Bal-27 - Royalty/Inferno
AK-12 - R.I.P.
HBRa3 - Insanity
IMR - Thunder Tusk
MK14 - Eclipse
ARX-160 - Hole Puncher
STG-44 - Vampire
AK-47 - Slayer
M16 - Sweet Sixteen
Lever Action - Breecher
M1 Garand - Marksman

Submachine GunsEdit

KF5 - Single Stack
ASM1 - Royalty/Speakeasy and Strider
MP11 - Goliath/Royalty
SN6 - Money
SAC3 - Royalty (Single Wield) and Blood and Glory (Akimbo)
AMR9 - Pro Pipe
MP40 - After Burn
Sten - Commonwealth
Repulsor - Royalty


Tac-19 - Sledgehammer
Bulldog - Face Hammer
CEL-3 Cauterizer - Phantom
S-12 - Quiet Time
Blunderbuss - Dragon Fire

Sniper RiflesEdit

Lynx - Base Variant
MORS - Silver Bullet
SVO - Royalty/Battleworn
Atlas 20mm - Virtuosity

Heavy WeaponsEdit

EM1 - Polar Vortex
Ameli - Subverter
Pytaek - Loophole
EPM3 - Bona Fide
XMG - Bacon and Eggs


1911 - Forty-Five Caliber
Atlas 45 - Oath Breaker
MP-443 Grach - Snappy
RW1 - Rail Driver
PDW - Compact

Friend SignaturesEdit

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