• I live in Finland
  • I am Male
Medal, Green Heart Medal, Twelve Month Good Conduct Medal, 2011 Overhaul Project Contributions

Hi, I'm ukimies. I created an account here on June 4, 2009, though I didn't really start to edit until April 2010. I became an administrator in July 2010.

I've been inactive since 2012; consider the rest of this page as an archive. Thanks for the great times, y'all! It was a pleasure.

If you have any problems, want to report a vandal, or just want to talk, click this link. If you'd like to add me on PSN, feel free to do so, my username is ukimies. You'll see me on the IRC under the cloak @wikia/Ukimies with the username ukimies or uki. You can shoot me an email at ukimiesAt, or by clicking the mail icon on the dock below. I have a YouTube account, here's a link to it.

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