• I was born on September 8
  • My occupation is High School Student
  • I am Male

I own the following Call of Duty games, and the white text indicates what game modes I tend to play within each installment:

Call of Duty 2 [I don't really play this]

Call of Duty 3 [I don't really play this, either]

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty: World at War

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 [Infected only]

Call of Duty: Black Ops II

My Own Game TriviaEdit

  • I have access to Xbox LIVE, but I am not willing to share my gamertag with a random person.
  • I do have a mic, but I don't always use it.
  • I can read, write, and speak some German, though I am not German myself. Sometimes, I doubt the accuracy of German text on some features throughout the Call of Duty series.
  • I have all the map packs for World at War. I have no map packs for any other installment.
  • The MP game modes I play alone for fun are Team Deathmatch, Search and Destroy, and Infected.
  • The MP game modes I pub stomp in (alone or with a party) are Kill Confirmed, Domination, and Hardpoint.
  • I am capable of quickscoping, even in Black Ops (despite Treyarch having discouraged it).
    • However, I hate how the Black Ops II quickscoping is unnervingly easy. Seriously, will Treyarch ever get the sniper balance right?
  • I tend to be very ammo conservative in Zombies.
  • Kino der Toten was my most disappointing in-game map because there were so few new features compared to its immediate predecessor, Der Riese.
    • That was, until TranZit came out with most of the new features not making any sense.
  • I am quite good at Dead Ops Arcade, a Zombies game mode many people tend to struggle with.
    • I have defeated the Cosmic Silverback in Dead Ops Arcade with the Fate of Firepower and Fate of Furious Feet in solo. The farthest I ever went in solo was 56 rounds.
    • On Xbox LIVE, the farthest I've gone was 73 rounds.
  • I despise the One Man Army perk and Grenade Launcher attachment combination in Modern Warfare 2, but I keep a custom class with them just in case the opposing team overuses it. If I ever use the One Man Army a lot, it is usually with my M21 EBR Silenced, not an assault rifle with a Grenade Launcher.
  • I actually like the F2000 in Modern Warfare 2 as long as it's not silenced. Despite being overall less effective at longer ranges, this weapon still boasts high damage per second at close to medium range.
  • I tend to avoid putting overused weapons in my custom classes in Modern Warfare 3. These are basically the ACR 6.8 and the MP7. I frown upon Infinity Ward's decision in giving such stats to these weapons.
    • Not just that, but I don't understand why IW would also have completely inferior weapons.
    • Examples include: SCAR-L, a rifle inferior to the ACR 6.8 in every way except for a tiny bit of accuracy; MP5, a ripoff verson of the CoD4 MP5; pre-patch M16A4, a ripoff version of the CoD4 and MW2 M16A4s; USP .45, one of the worst handguns I've wielded; plus much more.
  • I know of some interesting uses for various items, perks, and weapons in Modern Warfare 3 that few people know. I will share a few here.
    • Do not underestimate Blind Eye Pro. Equipping an RSASS or an LMG with Scavenger in the Specialist strike package is really deadly against pretty much any air support, especially helicopters and Ospreys.
    • Scrambler is a portable Blind Eye. No AI air support (I don't know about player-controlled air support) can detect you, so if you toss one and stay within its jamming distance while a helicopter is in the air, you won't get hit. It works on your teammates, too.
    • Going prone with an LMG or semi-automatic sniper rifle is very useful. Accuracy of the weapon increases drastically, and with all weapons, while aiming down the sights, sway is reduced.
    • Using Overkill, a submachine gun/G36C, and a Riot Shield can very useful. Though you become slower, you're more likely to win head-on firefights because your enemy may shoot the shield itself, not your character. Remember that the shield is only a weapon, not part of the character. This method does not work well against shotguns, of course.
    • The Javelin can lock on to many locations. Experiment with maps, and you'll find a lot of areas where the Javelin missile can hit a ceiling and blow up instantly.
  • I don't have Call of Duty: Ghosts. I don't really plan on getting a copy, either.
  • I'm mostly against the exosuits in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. I like the new unlimited sprint and no fall damage, but otherwise, I just hate them. If I bother getting this game, I'll be on the non-exo playlist.
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