Greetings, I'm 4pinkbear.

Hi, I'm Violet, or Vi for short (Just my Online Nickname, since I adore the Color Purple). I play a lot of Black Ops, in fact, I'm an addict, especially zombies mode. Don't ask why, but I read Warrior Cats too, I just like it. I'm an administrator of Warrior Cats Roleplay Wiki. I just ROFL at Richtofen's quotes.

My favorite weapon in WaW is the Thompson and on Black Ops, the G11 w/ Variable Zoom.

These are my highest rounds on XBOX Live w/ my friends, and they aren't lies, I swear. I won't tell you my Gamertag because I only friend, well, my friends, of course:

Nacht der Untoten - 65 (Epical!)

Verruckt - 39 (Fail, lol)

Shi No Numa - 47 (Yayz)

Der Riese - 52 (:3)

Kino der Toten - 77 (Ah, my friends are so awesome. 75 was my personal goal I was wanting to achieve, and we made it through)

Five - 53 (>:( I wanted a better score)

Dead Ops Arcade - 29 (I hate DOA and don't play it anymore, so don't bother me about my score)

Ascension - 47 (Ach, those Zombies got fast REALLY fast lol)

Call of the Dead - 33 (Still working on this one-George gets me everytime. My lowest on this was Round 4, those noobs shot him while we were in the lighthouse)

Shangri-La - _ (Not out yet)

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