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For the weapons this user loves, please see... What does this guy love? Ah, see Galil and M8A1.
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Nickname(s) The Text Repairman
Appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops, Call of Duty: Black Ops II
Affiliations Agency of G.U.N./A.G.U.N. (Disavowed)
Status Alive/K.I.A. (Player-determined)

Call of Duty wiki: 1500

Call of Duty Zombies wiki: 18

Battlefield wiki: 17

Borderlands wiki: 2

Nazi Zombies wiki: 1

Red Dead wiki: 3

The Last of Us wiki: 5

Last Updated: 29|1|14

Statistics will be updated PERIODICALLY

How I edit

By Wikipedia's format.

As I am a human, I tend to make mistakes. I may make typos and even undoing some good edits that I thought it is not needed. If this do happen, just edit the typo yourself or leave a message at my talk page informing me that I wrongly undid an edit (without any name-callings or vulgarities). I will go back and check and confirm it is my mistake before I apologize to you.

I generally don't modify the title or categories in fear of screwing something up unless if it's clearly an error or something is missing. I also tend to avoid images as a whole, the only thing I modify about images are the captions. Other than that, I don't TOUCH the images, at all. I also paragraph if I see a need to like when some pages has all the text put into one huge paragraph.

What I do on the wiki

I usually just lurk about different pages when I'm bored, just searching for grammatical mistakes and whatnot. I leave the image-adding to the veterans as I am inexperienced in doing so and I've received two messages that I added bad images so... Yeah... I more or less stalk the recent changes page and spotchecking edits made by anonymous users, undoing vandalism and removing useless information or how-to "game-breaking" glitches. I rarely go on chat, not sure why, just rarely go on there. Also, I watch out for newcomers, if they do something, uh, not really the "right" way, I will just give them a friendly reminder and try my best to guide them.

So, in general, I'm just a text repairman, I guess lol.