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About MeEdit

I'm Wasthereonce. Been around for a while, but I did take a long hiatus. I remember the old chatrooms and how fun they were. Anyways, I'm back to help contribute to the Wiki. I've got Black Ops 4 so I'm hoping to help with some of those articles. Btw, huge fan of Treyarch Zombies. Been playing their maps since World at War.

What I got below?

My Personal Best Rounds on each zombies map, Easter Egg completion, and a special section of 50 custom challenges to spice up your zombies games. I need more ideas for the next 50 as well, so post any you got on my talk page (if you want).

Rounds I've gotten to... (Black Ops Zombies)Edit

With 4 people unless otherwise noted.

Nacht der Untoten - 21

Verruckt - 26

Shi No Numa - 20

Der Riese - 40

Kino der Toten - 44 (solo)

Five - 26

Ascension - 45 (co-op)

Call of the Dead - 43 (solo) (Killed George 11 times)

Shangri La - 25 (trio)

Moon - 33 (solo)

Rounds I've gotten to... (Black Ops II Zombies)Edit

With 4 people unless otherwise noted.

Tranzit - 28

Nuketown Zombies - 28

Die Rise - 25

Mob of the Dead - 45 (co-op)

Buried - 40

Origins - 32

Rounds I've gotten to... (Black Ops III Zombies)Edit

With 4 people unless otherwise noted.

Shadows of Evil - 21 (solo)

The Giant - 40 (solo)

Der Eisendrache - 22 (solo)

Zetsubou No Shima - 16 (solo)

Gorod Krovi - 24 (co-op)

Revelations - 29 (solo)

Rounds I've gotten to... (Black Ops IIII Zombies)Edit

With 4 people unless otherwise noted.

Voyage of Despair - 49 (solo)

IX - 60 (solo)

Blood of the Dead - 43 (solo)

Classified - 58 (solo)

Dead of the Night - 30 (solo)

Ancient Evil - 52 (solo)

Alpha Omega - 34 (solo)

Tag Der Toten - 35 (solo)

Easter Egg Status: (Message me if you need someone for an easter egg)Edit

Black Ops:Edit

Ascension: Completed

Call of the Dead: Completed

Shangri La: Completed

Moon: Completed

Black Ops II:Edit

Tranzit: Completed

Die Rise: Completed

Mob of the Dead: Completed

Buried: Completed

Origins: Completed

Black Ops III:Edit

Shadows of Evil: Not Completed

Der Eisendrache: Not Completed

Zetsubou No Shima: Not Completed

Gorod Krovi: Not Completed

Revelations: Not Completed

Black Ops IIII:Edit

Voyage of Despair: Completed

IX: Completed

Blood of the Dead: Not Completed

Classified: Not Completed

Dead of the Night: Not Completed

Ancient Evil: Completed

Alpha Omega: Not Completed

Tag Der Toten: Not Completed

Zombie Challenges 1-50Edit

These challeges are designed to be combined together to make the game more enjoyable to veteran players.

  1. 01- War Ready- Assault Rifles Only
  2. 02- Spray & Pray- SMGs Only
  3. 03- Slow & Strong Wins the Race- LMGs Only
  4. 04- Optic Warrior- Snipers Only
  5. 05- Point Blank- Shotguns Only
  6. 06- Quickdraw- Pistols Only
  7. 07- Big Bada Boom!- Explosives Only
  8. 08- Slice N' Dice- Melee Only
  9. 09- Element 115 Master- Wonder Weapons Only
  10. 10- It's A Trap!- Traps Only
  11. 11- Amish- No Power Or Sentinel Artifacts
  12. 12- Barebones- No Perk Machines
  13. 13- Pack-No-Punch- No Pack-A-Punch Machine
  14. 14- Flavorless World- No Gobblegums or Elixers
  15. 15- Not Very Special- No Specialist Weapons
  16. 16- First Come, First Serve- Use First Weapon Out Of Box
  17. 17- Keep What You Have- Use First Two Guns Out Of Box, Three With Mule Kick
  18. 18- Welcome to Wallmart- Wall Weapons Only
  19. 19- Overstart- Starting Room Weapons Only
  20. 20- Gun Game- Change Weapons Every Round
  21. 21- Magazine Slinger- Use Only 1 Clip From A Gun, Buy A New One After
  22. 22- Missing the Needle- Can't Revive Others
  23. 23- Living Sacrifice- After Designated Round, One Different Player Must Die Each Round
  24. 24- The Juggernaut- Only One Player Can Get Juggernog, He Can Never Be Revived
  25. 25- Pitch The Tent- Choose Camping Spot & Stay There By A Designated Round
  26. 26- VIP- Protect One Player, If He Goes Down, Game Over
  27. 27- Skeleton Key- Only 1 Person Can Open Doors
  28. 28- Boxtrap- Once Box Is Physically Seen, Can Only Spend Points On It
  29. 29- Break the Bank- Spend All Your Points Every Round
  30. 30- Leave It To Chance- Choose 6 Challenges (Where Applicable), Number Them, & Roll A Die Every Round
  31. 31- Take It All- Withdraw All Money From Bank ASAP, No More Depositing
  32. 32- The Strategist- One Player Makes All Decisions For Other Players; Can Only Purchase By Approval From The Strategist
  33. 33- The Plague- Stay Away From Other Players
  34. 34- Start At The Finish- Cannot Leave The Starting Area
  35. 35- Price Per Head- To Purchase Anything, You Must Have x/100 Headshots (Rounded Up)
  36. 36- There's A Draft- No Boarding Windows; No Hammers
  37. 37- Babysitting- One Person Must Try To End The Game (Plays Anti-Party); You Have To Try To Revive Him
  38. 38- Shield's Depleted- No Shields Allowed
  39. 39- Point Taken- Can Only Spend Points on One Thing Per Round
  40. 40- Hunched Over- Crouch Whole Game
  41. 41- Stop, Drop, & Stay- Prone Whole Game
  42. 42- Wingmen- The Group Must Split Into Two Groups Of Two, Only Their Wingman Can Revive Them
  43. 43- Portals Not For Mortals- Cannot Use Portals (Fast Travel)
  44. 44- The Mulanaut- Give All Points To One Player, The Mulanaut Is The Leader
  45. 45- Perkplexing- All Perks Must Be Gotten From Random Sources And Taken Immediately (Der Wunderfizz, Secret Sauce, Perk Bottle Power Up, etc.)
  46. 46-
  47. 47-
  48. 48-
  49. 49-
  50. 50-

Zombie Challenges (Map Exclusive)Edit

These challeges can only be completed on certain maps.

World At War:Edit

Nacht Der Untoten

  1. Cabinet Addict:Nacht Der Untoten Exclusive:- Can Only Purchase A Weapon From The Sniper Cabinet


Shi No Numa

Der Riese

Black Ops:Edit

Kino Der Toten


  1. You've Reached Customs:Five Exclusive:- Give All Weapons To Thief


  1. It's Just Monkey Business:Ascension Exclusive:- Every Monkey Round, Monkeys Get To Take All Your Perks

Call of the Dead

  1. Curious About George:Call of the Dead Exclusive:- Killing George Is Your Priority

Shangri La

  1. Power Give-Up:Shangri-La Exclusive:- Power Ups Can Only Be Picked Up After Monkeys Touch Them


  1. Eternal Onslaught:Moon Exclusive:- Settle In No Man's Land By A Designated Round
  2. Breach Breach Breach!:Moon Exclusive:- Cannot Lift Excavators
  3. All Choked Up:Moon Exclusive:- No Gasmasks
  4. Astroclash:Moon Exclusive:- Let The Astronaut Grab You Every Round

Black Ops II:Edit


  1. Goes 'Round & 'Round:Tranzit Exclusive:- Can Only Use The Bus To Maneuver Between Areas. If The Bus Leaves, You Must Wait For It Again

Nuketown Zombies

Die Rise

Mob of the Dead

  1. Super Smash Brutus:Mob of the Dead & Blood of the Dead Exclusive:- Once Brutus Smashes Something, It Is Smashed Permanently


  1. Buried Alone:Buried Exclusive:- Cannot Use Giant


  1. X Marks The Only Spot:Origins Exclusive:- You Can Only Dig Up Your Weapons

Black Ops III:Edit

Shadows of Evil

  1. Harvested Interests:Shadows of Evil & Zetsobou No Shima Exclusive:- You Can Only Get Weapons From Harvest Pods
  2. Civil Obedience:Shadows of Evil Exclusive:- The Civil Protector Must Be Used Every Round After Round 10

Der Eisendrache

Zetsubou No Shima

  1. Harvested Interests:Shadows of Evil & Zetsobou No Shima Exclusive:- You Can Only Get Weapons From Harvest Pods

Gorod Krovi

  1. Dragonborn:Gorod Krovi Exclusive:- You Must Stand In The Dragon's Fire Whenever You See It


  1. Area Hysteria:Revelations Exclusive:- Players Must Move Into A Different Map Area Every Minute (Either Map Segment or Island)

Black Ops IIII:Edit

Voyage of Despair


Blood of the Dead

  1. Super Smash Brutus:Mob of the Dead & Blood of the Dead Exclusive:- Once Brutus Smashes Something, It Is Smashed Permanently


Dead of the Night

Ancient Evil

Alpha Omega

Tag Der Toten

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