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About Me

I'm Wuster1000. I'm a pretty decent CoD player, but I also enjoy Halo and other games (not just FPS games). I have XBOX live, not PSN. In real life, I am pretty smart with straight A's. To tell you, I hate ponies. It was one of the reasons I left one of my other favorite websites, but here, the pony crap isn't that bad.

How do I Help

I can make signatures and userboxes (request them on my talk page). On the wiki, I mostly make minor edits and nominate Improvement Drive articles, but I'm starting to learn how to do more advanced stuff.


  • 50 edits
  • 100 edits
  • 500 edits
  • 1000 edits
  • Become User of the Month

Zombies Facts

  • Only one weapon not Pack a Punched (Crossbow)
  • Favorite zombies maps
    • 1. Call of the Dead
    • 2. Der Riese
    • 3. Nacht der Untoten (Gotta love it)

Zombies goals -

Round 20

Round 30

Round 40

Round 1337

All guns pack-a-punched game

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