Marlton you are the big brains of this whole operation, Between you and Misty there is some miscommunication, You and Misty have a thing for each other, Yet both don't express it to one another.

Marlton you despise Russman much, Russman returns his feelings as such, You and Sthuliger have a mutual relationship, Both supporting some sort of unrealistic friendship.

your favorite weapon is the DSR 50, It is overall powerful and also nifty, People often refer to you as the groups nerd, But your brain is a brain not a pile of turd.

Marlton you have an extensive knowledge of the weapons at hand, And can very easily agree that some guns are overly bland, You have an exaggerated fear of all germs, You and claustrophobia are also on terms.

I can easily say your the brainiac of the group, And also is the one with the most fear of the troop, Your knowledge might save you from the undead, So keep storing that info in your head.

I took into account the advice that crazy Sam gave me and I made sure that every sentence that rhymes has the same amount off syllables. I hope that made it more of a poem.

Thanks for reading have a Great day! Abigail Misty Briarton (talk) 18:24, July 26, 2013 (UTC)