Today, David Vohnderhaar confirmed that Gun Game will be returning for Call of Duty: Black Ops III, from a Q&A session with EBGames Australia.

The question was asked if a successor to One in the Chamber will return, to which Vahn replied:

"The game does have Gun Game, there is some one shot stuff going on in Gun Game. But as you would expect from a Treyarch Call of Duty Multiplayer title, a complete custom game set with being able to share and save those variant game modes. What we like is the idea that people can take the game, take the game engine, take the game rules, modify them to suit and make them accessible to all your friends. We are going to take the best of those ideas and mess around with them in the “Bonus” category of playlists. So never say never. One shot game mode specifically isn’t a particular type of mode but Gun Game is our first entry there and we will see what you guys do and go from there."
— Vahn

With Gun Game confirmed, a new game mode will be revealed tomorrow on Friday. Post your ideas below on what it could possibly be (Maybe a Vahn skin-only mode?).

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