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UPDATE: No video recording permitted at the event.


  • Presentation starts at 7:00 PM PDT (3 AM GMT).
  • People are entering the building and are sitting down in the IMAX theater.
  • The presentation is being recorded by Treyarch and will be on in a few days.
  • Compete, Customize, Create are their "core pillars."
  • There is a multiplayer training mode against AI known as "Combat Training."

Where to get info

Firstly, let me state that the multiplayer reveal for Call of Duty: Black Ops is at 6:00 PM Pacific time (which is local for the event). You can use a time zone converter if you need to figure what time that is for you.

Anywho, this event is open to the press and community VIPs, which means there are a lot of places you can go to get live information. Although I do recommend our wiki for those who can wait, some people like to hear things the moment they are made public.

  1. Live streams - There are some people who will be streaming the event from their cell phones, albeit at the cost of quality video and audio. You can find three links to Ustream channels of a group that will do that below.
  2. Live blogs - Many websites did this at this year's E3 and some will be doing it for the multiplayer reveal coverage today.
  3. Twitter - This link will show all tweets from people attending the event, so you won't have to keep several tabs open for that.
  4. Official forums - One way or another, information about the multiplayer will flood the official forums of Black Ops, although it might crash given the circumstances.
  5. This wiki - Hopefully after editors find out the information, they won't forget to add it here!

If you have other sources that might be helpful, be sure to tell me so I can add them.


  • Player can play against bots.
  • Your basic appear is determined by your Tier 1 perk.
  • 1st person MP5K model found.
  • "All things that are Lethal are on right bumper, all Tactical items go left bumper, and there's now an equipment category for deployables. "
  • "Camera Spike, C4, Tactical Insertion, Motion Sensor, Claymore "
  • Money confirmed.
  • Portable minigun is a killstreak. (Death Machine)
  • Grenade Launcher named Grim Reaper is a killstreak as well.
  • There's a gunship, mortar team and anti-air rocket killstreaks as well.
  • Everytime you play, you get "CoD Points", which is the money used.
  • There are time-limited challenges called "contracts" that'll let you get extra CoD Points. The more difficult it is, the more money you get.
  • Wager mode confirmed.
  • You can customize your red dot sight by changing its shape and color!
  • You can make your own emblem and have it put on your gun for a in-game small fee.
  • Trailer for Theater Mode coming tomorrow on the XBox Marketplace!
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