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  • I live in Canada.
  • My occupation is waiting in the chat room to lash out with my mad ninja skills
  • I am having trouble licencing my images.
  • Braden 0.0

    Question's in the title.

    What's your favorite CoD: Black Ops weapon and why?

    My personal favorite is the AK-74u, for it's relatively high rate of fire and mobility, I get alot of kills with it.

    Now, what about you?

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  • Braden 0.0

    Question's same as title (Again), Which edition did you pre-order?

    • Normal Edition
    • Hardened Edition (The one I ordered like 2 seconds ago)
    • Prestige Edition

    Leave your interesting/creative responses in the comment section BELOW.





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  • Braden 0.0

    Alright, alright. I've thought about making another blog for a while, so I put some thought into it, so....heres a blog about a zombie invasion, I'm very aware that there have been blogs like this in the past, but I am making my own, all comments reading: "OMG Tis thredz alreddy bin maed B4" and the like will be removed, so, heres the bottom line:

    If you had to choose 3 weapons, what would they be? And state why:

    Heres an example and my own personal choice;

    1st Weapon: PPSh-41. Because a weapon with lots of ammo and a high rate of fire can easily dispatch an incoming horde of zombies.

    2nd Weapon: W1200 w/ sawn off stock and grip. Do I even have to state why I am using a shotgun against a zombie horde? It's too painly obvious if you've seen or …

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  • Braden 0.0

    Hello, Community, I'm using this as a respnse to W567123daniel's, CallofDuty4's and Lonely Nomad's guides to the MG4, MP5k, and L86 LSW. As I'll use a similar rating system.

    Damage - 40 (30 if using Silencer as it reduces damage).

    Recoil - Medium to Low, Low with Grip.

    Rate of Fire - 700 RPM AKA Average

    Grip - (10/10, 2/10 depending on Map) Efficient, almost mandatory on this MG depending on maps as it has generally higher recoil than most weapons but less recoil than the L86, it's good for long range maps like Fuel or Overgrown, but terrible for close range like Rust and Trailer Park.

    Red dot Sight - (1/10) Not useful, as Iron sights are not removed, making this attachment almost useless as Iron sights bulk up the sights making usage difficult.


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  • Braden 0.0

    Question's the same as title, heres my personal list:

    • PPSh-41: Honestly. How can a weapon do less damage than a 9mm round?
    • MP40: I'm sorry, but how can a 9mm do more damage than a 30.-06 round?
    • UMP45: Even though I love this gun, it does need a tone-up on recoil.....
    • SCAR-H: How does this thing do high damage for absolutely the 2nd lowest recoil behind the ACR?
    • F2000: It either get a damage boost+keep recoil, or tone down recoil to [At least] the M4A1 Carbine's.

    List yours down below.

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