Weapons I would like to see in Modern Warfare 3

C8-SFW - I really don't believe that the US Military would give their soldiers the M4, since the M4 creates alot of problems, even for normal troops. It keeps jamming because of the dirt. What most Special Forces around the world prefer to use (including my country's) is the C8-SFW. C8-SpecialForcesWeapon. It is an improved version of the M4A1, created by Colt Canada. It includes a 14.5" to 16" barrel, and is really more reliable in any way than the M4. It has almost the same weight as the M4A1, and fires the 5.56x45 NATO round.

H&K 416 - The Delta's favorite weapon. They fell in love with it after having field tested it for days without cleaning, and still being able to fire it. Hechler and Koch took the M4, and rebuilt almost everything to make it extremely reliable. Although, it only ended up and a 3rd of 4 places in the US Army desert testing, were the XM8 came in on a 1st place and SCAR 2nd. Fires the 5.56x45 NATO.

SCAR-L - I know that Infinity Ward said that they would originally take the SCAR-L in the game, but removed it due to that it would nearly replace the M4A1. The SCAR is supposed to replace all M4's in the US Special Forces. And troops love it. One of the fact that it is highly customizable is a clear plus. Fires 5.56x45 NATO
MP5A4/A5 - What the heck did the MP5K do? Why is it in Modern Warfare 2? Seriously, I really missed the original MP5. Also, what is up to the reload animation of the MP5K? Isn't you supposed to lock the bolt back in position, insert a fresh magazine and then knock back the bolt? Now, you could just insert a new magazine and then pull back the bolt, but I really missed the original reload animation.
MP7A1 - H&K are working hardly to replace the MP5 with the MP7, due to it's more powerfull punch. It has a rejectable buttstock, making the shooter being able to hold it like a pistol or an assault rifle. I would really like to see it in the game, as it would surely have replaced a certain amount of MP5s at the time.
XM8 - I know that the US Army didn't wan't it, but that doesn't make it a bad rifle. It is a modern rifle, so a say, and I would really like to see it in the game. Fires 5.56x45 NATO