Campers. Campers are everywhere in Call of Duty. And if you like to run around the map, you proabably hate campers very much. I, myself, hate them very much. My idea to supress camping, because there's honestly no way you can get rid of camping, is to add a stat that tracks your speed during a game. 

Basically, with your time played and the score you've procured, the game can essentially add a stat that determines your in-game speed. 

If this idea is put to use, I think it'll do a fine job to supress camping. Whenever you join a lobby and you look at the lobby leaderboard, you would be able to see the speed (miles or kilometers an hour) and you can see if everybody is either a camper or a rusher. I would definitely be prepared for the best or the worst. If I saw a guy with a speed of 2MPH/KMH, I'd definitely play more conservative or not rush as much. I myself love to run around. I'd probably have a 10+mph stat. It varies between player's style of play.  

The developers could also give you the option of having customary or metric units implemented. I live in the US, so I'd definitely use customary (mph). If someone lives in Europe or Asia, they'd obviously use metic units (kmh). This idea could supress camping by also making people not camp at all. Camping is a style that is vehemently frowned upon by the majority of the Call of Duty community, and this new suggested stat can expose campers. Since camping is so hated, people would probably rush around instead of camping because it is, as stated, so frowned upon. 

This is Menu mp weapons l96a1CoDE-2KGo to my talk page!, and it's been a while since i've posted on this wiki. It's good to be back, and I'd love to know the thoughts of this community. Thanks for reading if you have.

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