In Call of Duty, there is always the same issue: Campers... Campers everywhere! And the fact that it's actually an issue is ridiculous. The bottomline is, the game is great, ya' know, some issues from here to there, but the people that play it just %$#! it up. So here's what I think the solution should be: A MPH system (or KPH, I live in the US). Or MPM, miles per minute, or KPM. This would expose campers everywhere and it will put over rushing. There should be an average MPM or KPM that one should have at least equal to or above it, or they'll be put on probation until they stop camping.

What do ya'll think? Good idea? Flaws? I'll see ya'll later. CoDE-2K out.

Personal NINJAdatKILLZ Campers

Every game….

Ghosts faction graffiti CoDG

Possibly brought camping to a whole new level, through my experience.


I do not speak for all "types" of campers. I don't give a damn about snipers. They're supposed to "camp". I only speak about those players that use MTARs or AK12s and just sit in building without moving an inch. If they were to play like that, then why name an assault rifle an assault rifle? And why say that SMGs are for close-quarters combat if players are going to use them for camping? I, or we(the majority that rush), only want the MPM or KPM system just to force players to rush.

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