So it’s been over five years since I last wrote a blog and “best of” list blogs seem to be somewhat popular to make at the moment, so why not hop on the bandwagon? And by bandwagon, I don’t mean copying SGG’s blog post, since I started writing this before he posted his.

Any way, it should be noted that this list only includes the lyrical Easter Eggs written for Nazi Zombies, remixes and remasters excluded. This means that you won’t be seeing Beauty of Annihilation (The Giant Remix), Damned or Nightmare on this list.

Coming Home

To start the list is Coming Home, which is simply just an atrocious song. The worst part of the song is the horrendous screams. In previous songs the screams were always accents to the singing, coming in at just right time or place to add an extra punch to the song. Here they are front and center, at least for the first half of the song. At times the song feels like it’s trying to be heavy just to be heavy (if that makes any sense) and is boring as a result. Add a muddled sounding riff that initially drags on for too long and an off-putting guitar tone and you wind up with one unappealing song.

Dead Again

While this is by no means a bad song, I just can’t seem to ‘’remember’’ it. No matter how many times I listen to it, I seem to forget it a couple of minutes afterwards. I just find it to be completely unremarkable and totally forgettable.


I remember when this song first dropped I sent the link to my friend and we both instantly disliked it. While the song as grown on me and I don’t hate it as much as I used to, it’s still one of the weaker songs. While it’s heavy without being overbearing like Coming Home was, the song drags on for a little too long, especially at the end. For the first time the contrast between Elena’s vocals and the heavy guitars backing her don’t work very well. The riff is also a bit uninspired and Black Ops’s trend of increased reliance on poor screams continued in this song, dragging it down.

We All Fall Down

Up next is the second and final song sung exclusively by Clark S. Nova. And…well it’s just boring. The riff isn’t all that interesting, the chorus isn’t all that interesting and the growled/whispered vocals that appear throughout the song can get a little annoying. However, the song is fairly short, so that definitely benefits the song.

Where Are We Going

This was the first song by Malukah and was at the time easily the most dramatic departure from the usual style of songs usually found in Zombies mode. This is by no means a bad thing though, and while it isn’t the greatest song to kill zombies to, it is still incredibly enjoyable. Malukah’s voice is wonderful and fact that song is lighter and softer is a nice breath of fresh air. However, the backing instrumentals can be a little over dramatic at times, sounding as if someone slapped Malukah’s vocal track over some trailer music.

Dead Flowers

With Dead Flowers, I wasn’t quite sure where to place it at first. After some thought, I felt it fight in perfectly in between Malukah’s two other songs. The heavier, more rock driven approach fights Malukah’s voice surprisingly well, although her voice can be a bit grating at points. The song also drags on a bit, and isn’t as catchy as Always Running. The guitar solo is also nice and, like the other two Malukah songs, the song is nice and dynamic and switches between softer and heavier passages.

Always Running

It is getting increasingly harder to get these songs in order. Like Where Are We Going, this song is a pretty drastic departure from the typical style of songs in Zombies mode. The song has nice dynamics to it, switching between quieter and louder sections, and is catchy as fuck. It’s dramatic, but not overly so like Where Are We Going and has a nice, dark atmosphere. My only main complaint is that the song drags on a bit too long.


Being the first song after 115 (not counting Won’t Back Down, of course), this song had a lot to live up to. At the time of release, this was the longest Zombies song, and it does a great job at filling up that run time and making the entire song enjoyable. It’s heavy, it’s dynamic and it’s great to kill zombies too. However, this song did start the trend in BO with lackluster screams and, while the screams here aren’t as bad as they’re going to get, they’re just…meh. Not good, not bad, just meh. The vocals during the riddle verses can get a tad bit annoying also.


It may seem strange that a Clark S. Nova song is so high up, since his songs weren’t that well received upon release. Maybe it’s just because this song follows up Coming Home, but it’s a nice change up from the past songs. It’s heavy, but not heavy for the sake of being heavy (like Coming Home was) and the male vocals are a nice change up from Elena’s vocals (although Clark is certainly not a better vocalist). However, the song could benefit from some screaming (rather than Clark’s sort of yell thing), especially before the breakdown.

Lullaby of a Dead Man

Ah Lullaby for a Deadman. The first Zombies song; the one that started it all. While it wouldn’t be as heavy as what would come later and is a pretty straight forward rock song, the creepy lyrics and Elena’s wonderful vocals combined with an instrumental section that instantly makes you feel like killing zombies on an overcast October morning pushes this song up above other songs that I listen to far more.

The One

What a creepy song. I mean, between the weird whispering vocals and background zombie growls and background cries for help, this is one damn creepy song. It sets a perfect atmosphere for the mode, and it should, seeing as how you can’t hear like half the song at all once zombies start coming in. While the song has a nice softer to heavier, creepy to dramatic dynamics to it (I feel I’m saying that a lot…) and is less of a straight forward rock song, the fact that the song can’t be heard very well while playing drags it down a bit me. I also may or may not have…borrowed…some of the song’s lyrics for a poetry assignment in a creative writing course. I suck at poetry, and my teacher’s last name was Dempsey, so it’s all good though. You know, if I did it.

Not Ready to Die

This is the song that got me into Avenged Sevenfold. Not the first song by the band that I’d heard (that was Gunslinger, which I hated if anyone was curious), but the song that got me into the band. At the time, this was one of the heaviest songs I’d ever heard. A good riff, nice screams and badass vocals made me instantly fall in love with the song. Listening to it now, the song is a nice combination of Waking the Fallen with its vocals and guitar work and Nightmare with its over all tone. Damned is also used very well in the song.

Cold Hard Cash

Sung by the daughter of the legendary Tony Bennett (which, interestingly enough, my dad instantly compared her to when he first heard the song. Like father like daughter, right?), this is another huge departure from the usual style of song. Sadly, the song isn’t a very good fit for the mode, as it’s not a great zombie killing song. But you know what? It’s a pretty damn fun song, Antonia Bennett is a kickass vocalist and the big band (jazz? I don’t know what genre you’d call it) style is a very nice shift from the usual style.

Snakeskin Boots

This song surprises me. The instrumental track is the background music for the Morg City theme on the PS4, and I hear it every time I turn on my console. But it doesn’t get old in the slightest and it’s still a damn fun, catchy and bombastic song that, while it may not be the greatest zombie killing song, it’s still a great listen to no matter how many times you’ve heard it before.

Carry On

I was so damn hyped when I first heard this song. Before the song was released, A7X stated that they were working on a new album and when this song dropped I thought it was indicative of the style the album was going to have. It has a great, melodic riff, is fast paced and has great solos, both guitar and drum. Arin Ilegay really shows his chops on this song, both throughout the song and during his kick ass drum solo. Drive around blasting this song and you’ll see just how much fun it is.


This is it. Here we are. My top 3 favorite zombie songs. We are almost at the end. Now up: the final song for BO2. The climactic Zombies map needs a climatic song, and Archangel sure delivered. It’s heavy, it’s fast, it’s aggressive, it’s intense and it’s badass. The breakdown in the song is fantastic and perfectly timed. Screaming is back, and is much better than it was when it last appeared in Coming Home. However, the as mind blowing as the drumming is, it can be a little much at times and doesn’t always seem to fit the music. Also, the background vocalists (which is basically what Clark and Malukah are) tend to blend in with Elena’s vocals and it’s hard to tell them all apart. The song is absolutely great in every other aspect though, so it’s easy to overlook those flaws.

Beauty of Annihilation

Ah, the first end song for Zombies mode, way back when it was still called Nazi Zombies. Back during freshman year of high school, this song was my absolute favorite song. Before football games I would always tell my friend that we needed to play this song before games (this was before BO and 115 were released though). And it’s not hard to see why. It’s heavy, it’s aggressive and it’s intense. It’s short, it’s sweet and it packs a hell of a punch. Right from the opening notes of the kickass riff, you know you’re in for an amazing song.


This is it, my favorite zombies song! Yeah yeah, I know, this is a super predictable choice, but for good reason. Essentially, this song is Beauty of Annihilation, but better. The sweet vocals offer an ice contrast to the heavy guitars; the screaming is the best that it’s ever been. Everything Beauty of Annihilation did, 115 improved upon. The riff is better, it manages to be more intense, and the screams are vastly improved. This song instantly became my new favorite Zombies song after it was released, and it’s stayed there ever since. The song packs so much into a short run time, and never lets up until it ends. It is a kickass song that is more than deserving of the number one spot.

So there it is, all of the Zombies songs listed in the order I like them. How similar is this to your personal list? Which songs should be higher? Lower? Tell me what you think in the comments below!

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