Sledgehammer games have announced that the updated the revealed yesterday was making Advanced Warfare multiplayer subscription-based. It was claimed this was done as "We believe that many hackers, boosters and other nonsense users are not true fans of the Call of Duty franchise. Therefore we believe only our most dedicated fans will continue to pay to play the game, and this will lower the amount of these nuisance users".

It has been stated that this week the game will be free, but players should begins their subscription as soon as they can. Subscriptions are currently being sold in 1 month, 3 month, 6 month and 12 month packages. Ranging in price from $17 dollars per month, to $15 per month, depending which package is brought. This update is coming after the controversy of making it so the Armoury upgrade was a paid-for add-on instead of a free update.


Disclaimer: Images used in this joke were faked. Sledgehammer did not send these Tweets.

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