Forenote - This blog is intended to log stuff that I have found in CoD, useful or not, that may not be immediately obvious. Some may or may not exist in articles, indeed some may not be suitable for them:

  • In Modern Warfare 2 and 3, the SPAS-12 can be hip-fired before the pump animation is finished.[1] [2]
  • The M9 Raffica and the regular M9 have a sound only heard by reload cancelling that previously existed in the CoD 4 reload sound for the M9.[3]
  • With the KBS Longbow you can blast it before the bolt cycle is done. The most you accurate can be though is in partial zoom so at best it is useful for zombies in a blind panic.[4]
  • Quickies basically do nothing for a mid-mag reload for the VPR, in fact I think it literally does nothing. This is in contrast to the Bang Bangs benefit (double ammo with extended mag).
    • Edit:I think this is a bug as it seems it functions like the Dexterity attribute where it is faster only on the last few bullets.
  • The Stalker seems to improve its hip-fire accuracy while you move, instead of the usual getting worse as you move though this can be bad as it is so pinpoint it's hard to aim. Upgrading it gives the normal expanding crosshair, though.
  • Every time a patch gun appears in the magic wheel for the first time it will always have the camo of a basic Common weapon.
  • The Proteus used to have a slightly increased mag size in the sniper mode compared to the shotgun mode. The difference gap was larger with Extended Magazines and by upgrading in Zombies. The shotgun mode could be prepared with more rounds by reloading in the sniper mode. This unique and odd trait was patched out.

Following is adapted from previously learned information:

  • In Fallen Angel you must hide from a drone. It was previously logged that Harper will destroy it eventually or you can, but if you cross the river and hide behind a building with a concrete pillar (some sort of business building), then pop out to be seen and hide again, Harper will quickly destroy it and you don't have to do the stealth section.
  • The Type-2 can be reloaded as pistols then put back together to have a double AR 'magazine', but if you have it out and buy a perk in Zombies it will revert down to its intended 'mag' size [mag in quotes as it is a lazer gun].

Mildly amusing stuff:

  • Not something 'obscure' but I find it strange in Fallen Angel you are using a techy microphone to listen into conversation but you must be looking at them directly to hear what they are saying and can't hear through thin cover. Thick walls I get but come on now, I think my own ears can hear past brick blocks separating rails.
  • The EMP on the Raijin-EMX is almost 100% useless in zombies but it has a few varying results. I can do absolutely nada with no himarker, hitmarker with 10 point and presumably do minimal damage, I have had it where a drirect impact has staggered a zombie but I recently found the round hitting the legs at a distance blew them off of the zombie. Still not worth it but perhaps amusing to find out what useless thing it does if anything. I haven't tested the gl on the Atlas much but that ranges from nothing to hitarker 10 points, so squat.
  • In any game where sliding is a feature; if you jump, slide then jump gain it's kinda like a skate trick.
  • When out of ammo and after sprinting, the Stallion 44's hammer will slowly (and creepily) drift forward from cocked to safe.