The dust has settled over L.A as Denial Esports beat Team Revenge in the grand finals of the 2015 World Championships.

After upsetting the favourites OpTic Gaming in the first round of bracket play on saturday Denial rampaged through the upper bracket to come face to face with Team Revenge in the upper bracket final. Denial beat tR 3-2 and advanced to the grand final knocking Revenge into the lower bracket where they would have to face FaZe Red for a chance to get their namesake Revenge (Not sorry for that) against Denial.

After defeating FaZe they advanced to the grand final. Needing to win back to back Best of 5s (3 games out of 5)

Grand Finals

Game 1: Hardpoint Detroit: Denial Esports 250 - 123 Team Revenge

Game 2: S&D Drift: Denial Esports 0 - 6 Team Revenge

Game 3: Uplink Comeback: Denial Esports 8 - 12 Team Revenge

Game 4: Capture the Flag Bio Lab: Denial Esports 6 - 2 Team Revenge

Game 5: S&D Riot: Denial Esports 6 - 4 Team Revenge

Denial Esports denies (still not sorry) Revenge their Revenge and takes home the biggest slice of the million dollar prize pool with $400,000 in pocket.

This was a championship tournament for the ages. Upsets and triumphs abound. Can't wait for 2016 championship.

Top 8 placings and prize distribution

  1. Denial Esports - $400,000
  1. Team Reevenge - $200,000
  1. FaZe red - $120,000
  1. Prophecy - $100,000
  1. Automatic Reload - $70,000
  1. Plantronics Mindfreak - $50,000
  1. OpTic Gaming - $35,000
  1. Team Kaliber - $25,000


That's all from me. I'm going into hibernation until UMG California May 16-18th.

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