Straight from the stream from Cologne, Germany (which I missed) and then from the Gfinity news announcement the new Esports features for BO3 were releasd to the public.


As prophesised, MLG will be taking Black Ops 3 to the Playstation 4. (Seems sony has more green than microsoft). The Playstation is now the "Home of call of duty esports". Which seems to have been inevitable.

CodCaster/League play

Both CodCaster will return for a 4th succeeding year and League play will return with a rename of "Arena" with rank being based on WINS only. Back-to-back chain wins boost your rank. But two-consecutive losses will cost you your rank.


Basketball Uplink is going to return in Black Ops 3 after a well received introduction in Advanced Warfare.

Pick/Ban system

Treyarch have introduced a pick and ban system to competitive BO3. Meaning teams can remove or keep degenerate weapons or perks from/in the match.

Source official Call Of Duty site.

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