Sledgehammer Games recently announced via their Twitter Feed that they will be developing the 2014 Call of Duty installment, out for release at the end of this year. In making this announcement, they have ended the months of speculation as to whether they or Treyarch would be developing this years installment and have simultaneously ended the usual 2 year development cycle that Call of Duty games have been given, the series will now be developed in three year cycles with Sledgehammer, Treyarch, and Infinity Ward all switching off.

There is no news in relation to content of the game, or what platforms it will be on.


Treyarch is expected to develop 2015's intallment of the series, and Infinity Ward will likely return for 2016's installment.

What effects will three years of development have on the series? What series is Sledgehammers new game going to be a part of? Is it Modern Warfare 4, a new seres, etc.? Do you have faith in Sledgehammer? Tell us below!



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