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Free time, back on anti-Vandal work, overhaul time?

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Darthkenobi0 Darthkenobi0 30 November 2010


Personally still playing MW2, haven't got BO but it looks good. Wiki seems to have changed quite a bit.

Wondering: Recommended BO weapons for beginners?

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Darthkenobi0 Darthkenobi0 15 September 2010

Modern Warfare 3

I've been thinking about Modern Warfare 3 lately and had some thoughts about the storyline. I believe it will center around American forces invading Russia. However what kind of story would it be without a plot twist? Obviously Captains John "Soap" MacTavish and John Price are the focus of the Modern Warfare series, but how will they play their roles? This is my speculative concept about what the story may be:

  • Player is James Ramirez invading Anatolia or the Caucasus area
  • 1B 75RR enters the region alongside US Marines, spearheading the southern-prong of the invasion.
  • Player is Soap MacTavish, recently recovered, with Nikolai and Price somewhere remote (likely in Europe, due to Nikolai's "place")
  • Price, MacTavish and Nikolai discuss possible plans-…
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Darthkenobi0 Darthkenobi0 25 August 2010

What do you recommend in Modern Warfare 2?

Which of these guns do you think is the best for beginners or those who have recently prestiged? Or do you think there's a better gun? And what setup do you recommend for beginners/recent prestigers? Players in the mid-levels? What about players already in the sixties or who have mastered the weapons?

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Darthkenobi0 Darthkenobi0 20 August 2010


Okay, Darthkenobi0FM Radio and Dk0FM aren't really progressing, so I'd like if people could help me out by providing more suggestions and possibly helping me by finding YouTube videos, doing the "attach" thing with them and giving me a link to the video that works on the wiki (check my radio station's coding for examples). This would make it go smoother and quicker, if any of you are interested in helping/listening to more variety of music. The same goes for Dk0FM, since that will allow me to post larger playlists, help would be greatly appreciated! In related news, if you guys would like, I can make a "widget" for that (a template), whereby you can add it to your page.

Also new is my guestbook, where you can sign your name on a new line, i…

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