• Deathmanstratos

    Black Ops III is out and this news blog was totally planned. This will probably be a one time thing

    • Black Ops III is out, so yeah.
    • There were a bunch of trailers leading up to Black Ops III, such as the Live Action trailer and Nuk3town trailer.

    • Stuff happened, but I haven't been here in quite a bit so I'm not sure exactly what.

    • We need a Black Ops III theme. Pitch in your idea/design.
    • Do we need new trivia policies?
    • Wikia is bringing a new template classification system.
    • Should we allow certain fan content?
    • How do we handle 'dem vandals?

    • 7/10 - Gamespot
    • 3/5 - Giant Bomb
    • 7/10 - Polygon
    • 9.5/10 - EGM
    • 8.5/10 - Destructoid
    • 4/5 - Gamesradar

    • Fallout 4 days left
    • Read My Hero Academia pls
    • Ochako Uraraka is sunshine
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  • Deathmanstratos

    Hello and welcome to the blog about news of Call of Duty.

    • Nuketown is once again being remastered for Call of Duty: Black Ops III and is a Pre-order bonus.
    • The "Black Ops III beta was extended by one day for PC and Xbox One players.
    • A new patch was put out for Advanced Warfare.

    • Polls by RisingSun2013

    • Like the Zombies template? Don't like it? Input here
    • What do ya think of Tabs in infoboxes?
    • Do we need to update User Hilites?
    • Wikia Gaming and CoD Wiki: A Proposal
    • Should the World War I original crew have their own pages?

    • I started College today.

    Something something HIDEO KOJIMA

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  • Deathmanstratos

    E3 is over! Many stuff and things happened! Hail Todd Howard the Weevil!

    • Black Ops III is all over the place! Shown at Sony's E3 conference, it looks like a lot of funexcept for us categorizers/image namers
    • The Black Ops III Multiplayer trailer from E3
    • 'Black Ops III Singleplayer with co-op in action!
    • More Black Ops III co-op gameplay!
    • The P90 is back as the Weevil!

    • Risingsun has more polls
    • Inkie Twig summarizes E3!

    • You like naming files? Of course you do, so tell us, should filenames end with BOIII or BO3?
    • Tell us what you think of animated gifs being sued on pages
    • You miss us being the Call of Duty Wiki? Or do you like serving ATLAS?
    • We need to do something about COD:FILE and how it applies to videos.
    • What to do about damage values and range?

    mfw the Weevil…

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  • Deathmanstratos

    It's spring! There's allergies, snow(??), oh, and the Call of Duty: Black Ops III reveal.

    • A teaser for Black Ops III was released, teasing the premise for the setting
    • A lot of info was leaked for Black Ops III before the scheduled debut trailer
    • Black Ops III reveal trailer today!
    • Ascendance is being released on the PC, PS3 and PS4 April 30th

    • Technology is taking us over! (Satire)

    • Are we to make an article about the Seeker spotting in Advanced Warfare?
    • Change to COD: Damage
    • What shall we do with the ever expanding weapon variant icons in Advanced Warfare?
    • Shoudl we make Research Polls for feedback?
    • Do you like Supply Weaponry? What do we do with how we handle them?
    • What do you think about the hilites? Speak!
    • The News Team is still being talked about!
    • What do w…

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  • Deathmanstratos

    Happy day after π day everyone! I, Deathmanstratos, bring you news.

    • Fan's are petitioning to have Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 brought to next-gen! Just think of how good the P90 could look!And everything else, of course
    • The 2015 Call of Duty North American championship is now over, with a recap.
    • A patch for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare was released on the Playstation consoles on March 11th, after having been released one week earlier on Xbox and PC.
    • Atlas Gorge, the Champion Camouflage, and Extra Slots packs were made available on Playstation consoles and PC March 11th.
    • The 2015 CoD Championship's map and game mode rotation were revealed.
    • A new Advanced Warfare Clan War will begin on March 20th, and end on the 23rd.
    • A new gear drop, dubbed 'Atlas …

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