Sup. I played a mean TDM match yesterday in Nuketown, having just unlocked the AUG. I instantly put on ACOG, giving the gun it's signature Swarovski scope thingy. Dude, I owned like HELL.

The ending result was like, 34-2 or something, the gun is BEAST! I also played MW2 yesterday, lol.

There was this Arabic dude, and he was hacking yah, so he was like "NO RELOAD ONE SHOT KILLS AIMBOT ALL DAY" and he like, tipped the score limit (he got like, 100 kills or something lol) and then called a nuke. Guess what? No, it wasn't 30 seconds. 15 frickin minutes! lol! but i miss that game, cuz i sold it to some eager nerd person.

Add me! PSN: KonamiPhreak