I've spent months creating these Zombie charts. I think they are finally close enough to done for me to bring them here.

Most of the information is taken directly from the PC code. It is 100% accurate unless I made a typo or misinterpreted the code.

You can view my original post of this here.

NOTE: Some of the Scavenger, V-R11, Stamin-Up and Deadshot info is NOT taken from the code. It is based off of educated assumptions and frame-by-frame video analysis.

Personal Duckcall00 ZombieStat Personal Duckcall00 ZombieStatWonderWeapon Personal Duckcall00 ZombieStatKey Personal Duckcall00 ZombieStatExplosion Personal Duckcall00 ZombieStatsKnife Personal Duckcall00 ZombiePerks

|Duckcall00NewSigSmaller 01:03, July 30, 2011 (UTC)

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