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This is my first blog so bear with me. I am Firefunbro; tactician, marksman, zombie killer, and speculater. The only time I am very active on the wiki is during times of new information, such as every Black Ops map pack release. However, this time I am jumping the gun by being active before Black Ops 2 / CoD9 is announced. Yet that is the topic of this blog. As you all are probably aware, there was an apparent leak for BO2. The only part of that being used in my ideas is the whole Pro I/Pro II, which tbh I had thought of before but disregarded it. Without further delay, here is my work-in-progress list of perks for BO2. Please comment for any additions or revisions, seeing as this list is far from finished. New perks are welcome, as my original list includes Speed Dial, which is an invention of mine.
**Speed Dial: Decrease time between calling in airsupport and it arriving
***Pro I: +Increase amount/duration of killstreak (by half rounded down, so a UAV lasting 30 seconds now lasts 45 or a precision airstrike that is three jets is now four.)
***Pro II:
**Scavenger: Resupply off dead bodies
***Pro I: +Resupply grenades
***Pro II: +Double starting ammo
**Blind Eye: Immune to targeting by enemy killstreaks
***Pro I: +Faster lock-on speed, more damage to air-support
***Pro II: +No hit-markers (you still take damage, just the shooter isn't informed they hit) on you at far range or through cover/smoke
**Sleight of Hand: Faster reload speed
***Pro I: +Faster switch speed
***Pro II: +Aim down sights faster
**Undead: Immune to enemy UAVs, thermal sights, and heartbeat sensors
***Pro I: +No red name when targeted, immune to CUAVs and EMPs
***Pro II: +No red name when targeted, no idle movement
**Overkill: Two primary weapons (no attachments on second primary)
***Pro I: +Extra attachment on each weapon
***Pro II: +Gain a third weapon slot for secondaries
**Ninja: Quiet footsteps
***Pro I: +No fall damage and quiet falls
***Pro II: +All sounds are silent (defusing, planting, etc.)
**Reconnaissance: Can see enemy equipment through walls
***Pro I: +Louder enemy footsteps, can see enemy killstreaks on mini-map
***Pro II: +Louder enemy footsteps, can hack enemy equipment
**Steady Aim: Smaller hip fire reticule
***Pro I: +Faster recovery after sprinting/knifing
***Pro II:
**Rapid Fire is now for all weapons, unless someone can figure out a way to put Doubletap back in the game.
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