First the link in the above is from when IW vs treyarch from breaking their agreement. Only IW is supposed to do past Vietnam games. So a lot of you are asking why is this important?

Heres why its important-As you all know Activison has now moved cod into a 3 year cycle rotating between Sledgehammer, Infinity Ward and Treyarch. We now know the next title is Advanced Warfare. Now lets go back to what Ghosts was a game set in for practical purposes the present and AW is obviously a future game.

So whats missing we have the present and future? Thats right the past! And what studio's game happens to be next is the 3 year cycle?- Treyarch's, the company who's "supposed to" build games no later then Vietnam. So SH gets future games, IW gets modern games and Treyarch gets past games.

Now the main reason I think it's going to be a Vietnam or WAW game is simple the market wants one but there hasn't been/isn't any eye popping games on the market not since BC2. Personally I expect a Bad Company like game. Simple reasoning is they draw in those fans and bring in a market that wants the product as well.

An other reason I think this is with BO2 we have a potential to have this next game bridge even more of the gap between black ops 1 to black ops 2.

A Vietnam/WW2 game with new console performance and graphics and a 3 year development cycle would be great if it happens or not IDC I just hope but by some miracle I turn out to be right.
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