Hello everyone, this is my first blog post ever made on any WIKI actually, however, I will cut right to the chase...

So, "Xbox On" dropped a video the 12th of May, where he interviewed Jason Blundell. In this interview they talk about different things, such as what to expect in Zetsubou no Shima and what we can expect to see in the future. However, there where a few things that excites me a whole lot, and these things are:


Exclusive Zombies Easter Egg Hint! Zetsubou No Shima BLACK OPS 3 ECLIPSE DLC

This is the video you've all been looking for, that is connected with this very blog post. Have a good one! :D

- Jason Blundell talks about how the entire story-line, leading up from Nacht, all the way up to the 4th DLC map (whose name didn't get mentioned, obviously), will be explained in such a way, that it will put braces on a lot of the things that the community has been wondering about since the early days of World at War, and its zombies maps all the way up to the 4th DLC map inside of Black Ops III.

- Jason refers to DLC 4's zombie map as the "ultimate place".

- DLC 3 will have an even harder name to pronounce according to Jason, as he says: "Wait till you get to DLC 3", right after they talk about the map names being difficult to pronounce.

- This one is up for interpretation, however, Jason Blundell says "yes", and then proceeds to laugh after Benny (the interviewer) asks Jason if "there is anything that we had completely missed". There might be something there as Jason answered with a "yes" very quickly. We'll have to wait and see.

- Jason refers to different Easter Egg levels as "easy", "hard" and "impossible".

Easy: The ones which people can find very fast.

Hard: Only certain people in the community can break these.

Impossible: The ones which they're hiding from us, even if we take the entire package apart and all the assets, we still couldn't find them.

- There are stuff that we have yet to find in previous BO3 maps.

- Jason wants us to "keep looking, even after we think everything has ended", which he says in a jokingly manner, for which he tells the interviewer that "this is a special one, just for you", however, he states that its a "key thing", which is a very interesting use of words in my opinion.

That is all I managed to gather from it. I'm a huge zombies story-line fanatic, and I would be very interested to hear what you guys have to say in the comments section below. And as a small side note... Jason Blundell, is better than Jimmy Zielinski, a thousand times better to be exact. I'm sorry, but its the truth. He is. Have a great day everyone!

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