These are ideas for the following zombie map.

Playable Characters

  • Mark Krauss: SOG Operative, he was sent to investigate the presence of an almost impossible to see mineral called Unumpetium or 115. Based on Frank Woods, but he's taller, and has no backpack or tattoo.
  • Esteban Suárez: Cuban soldier, he was sent to eliminate any evidence of 115, went MIA in Quang Tri, Vietnam. Based on Carlos, but he has a military uniform, longer hair and beard and his hair is black.
  • Nguyen Dûng: ARVN soldier, was sent together with Mark Krauss to investigate the presence on 115, bu he went MIA with Krauss. Based on the NVA Lightweight model, but instead of having an NVA uniform, he has an ARVN uniform.
  • Konstantin Rastorguyev: Soviet Spetsnaz operative, born in Volhynia, Ukraine and he's very similar to Nikolai in behaviour, he got dismissed for being extremely violent. Based on Spetsnaz Hardline model, but his uniform is all dusty and old, also based in Sergei.

Weapons from the Wall

  • M14 - 500$
  • Olympia - 500$
  • MP5K - 1000$
  • Kiparis - 1000$ (P.A.P. The Disemboweler)
  • MPL - 1000$
  • Uzi - 1200$ (P.A.P. Little Abraham)
  • Stakeout - 1200$
  • M16 - 1200$
  • AK-74u - 1200$
  • Dragunov - (From sniper cabinet) 1500$

Weapons from the box

  • CZ75 Dual Wield
  • Python
  • Spectre
  • STG-44
  • Galil
  • AK-47 (P.A.P. AK115 Alterer)
  • Commando
  • AUG
  • FN FAL
  • WA2000 (P.A.P. WahtZOOPER)
  • KS-23 (P.A.P. Kloser tha Stronger 23mm)
  • SPAS-12
  • HS-10
  • RPK
  • HK21
  • M60 (P.A.P. M115 Murderer)
  • M9 Flamethrower (This is a modernized M2 Flamethrower made in 1956. P.A.P. FlT Nytrogen Cooled)

Wonder Weapons

  • Wunderwaffe DG-2
  • Winter's Howl
  • Thundergun
  • Ray Gun
  • Stanislavski Bomb: Sucks enemies and explodes
  • Enclosed instruction Book: Pages fly like cluster bombs
  • Monkey Bombs
  • Scavenger
  • Uzhas Obyekt-37 (Terror Object-37): Grinds enemies with one shot

Boss Character

  • Nova 6 rats: Appear at round 7, or until power is turned on, they are about the size of a pillow, the atmosphere appears to be green gas, possibly Nova 6, the rats bite you and poison you unless you get to shake them off.
  • Sasquatch: Emerge from the ground every time the player gets a Grim Reaper, will tend to run to beat the character.


  • Playable character will get a GP-5 gas mask every time Nova 6 rats appear
  • An ARVN character
  • Map with most Wonder Weapons
  • More utilities


  • Meat Grinder: once activated, some doors in the ground will open and grind zombies.
  • Sniper Spot: a rope lifts you to a spot perfect to snipe, there will be a sniper cabinet with a Dragunov, once 70 seconds pass, you will be returned to the map.
  • Mystical mushroom: You can jump very long distances with this.
  • Bug cage: You can unleash bugs that ram enemies.
  • DShK Turret: You can control a turret from the Sniper Spot, many others will be around as sentry guns.


  • Carpenter
  • Max Ammo
  • Insta-Kill
  • Double Points
  • Nuke
  • Death Machine
  • Grim Reaper
  • Bottle
  • Fire Sale
  • Bonfire Sale
  • Fireworks Sale: Reduces prices of Perk-a-Colas by a half

New Perk-a-Colas

  • Shary-Cola: Play on the real drink Cherry Cola, this perk will give the player the last weapon their allies took, unless it is a Wonder Weapon, absent if it's in Singleplayer.
  • Copycat Sprat: Based on Sprite, this perk will give the player's last loadout before dying, in Singleplayer it will give the player the opportunity to keep perks after dying.
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