I honestly believe that the magmagat, acidgat, elemental krakens, elemental fists, and elemental knife should all be there own wonder weapon. I mean, would you pick up the fire staff and say ¨hey! I got the ice staff¨? no, you would say ¨I got the fire staff¨. Would you pick up the lightning bow and say ¨Yay! the Wolf bow! My favorite¨? no you would say that you got the lightning bow. So why do we classify the magmagat and acidgat under the blundergat when they do totally different things? Why do we classify all the punches and krakens under one-inch-punch and kraken? Heck, we don´t even classify the elemental knife! Why not? It is even more powerful then the elemental punch and has steps to get it so it is technically a wonder weapon, yet we don´t acknowledge it. Thank you for all of your time