Hey everybody, Griever0311 here. I'm extending an invitation to any Xbox gamers (Wiki or otherwise) who play regularly to participate in some scenario games. The idea behind it is to limit the use of weapons to those that would be/are particular to a faction (within reason) and the restriction of a few perks. I've tried it with some of my friends before, and surprisingy, it doesn't affect the balance all that much and is pretty fun as long as you can get enough like-minded individuals to populate the teams. I'll be posting the weapons/perks below shortly. I'm not unreasonable, and I intend for this to be a larger community effort to get us (hopefully) Wiki members rubbing shoulders, so if anyone has any suggestions or recommended changes, just toss them into the message board and we'll kick it around until we get a good selection that everyone is pretty happy with.

I'm gonna check back every now and then today to keep a lookout for youse guys' ideas, and to compile a list of Gamertags that are interested; I'll post them up here, so that they're easier to find. If you post your 'tag, I'll be shooting you a friend request, and hopefully so will the other interested parties; make sure you've got some free space on your friends list. If everything goes all right, we might end up being able to have a CoDWiki community playdate or something (hey, shoot for the stars). That said, here's what we're working with so far.

Just so youse guys know, I'm usually on MW2 in the evenings, and most of the day on the weekends, if you want to party up and test shit out: Gamertag - Griever0311.

Current signees

  • Griever0311 = Griever0311
  • Imrlybord7 = Mcdonaldsburger
  • Delta 4-7 = A L4NDSH4RK
  • Slowrider7 = Slowrider7
  • Ninoaguila = Ninoaguila08
  • Fluffylicious = the candy andy
  • Mau5killer = Mau5killer
  • Jeffnickers = NDIrishpj33
  • DanielM4712 = DanielM4713
  • Kaphraxus = Kaphraxus
  • XxATDxX = XxATDxX
  • Peter Griffin Boy = SpeckledEagle
  • Gen.Cain = Unconfirmed

Game Setup

  • No time limit, 'til everyone dies
  • ONE life/small number of lives per match
  • 50% Health
  • Slow/Normal regeneration
  • No killcam
  • Team-only spectating
  • No radar
  • Friendly fire kills friendlies
  • First-person


  • Predator Missiles
  • Precision Airstrike
  • Attack Helicopter

Special Grenades Allowed (across all factions)

  • Flash Grenades
  • Smoke Grenades

Equipment Allowed (across all factions)

  • Frag Grenade
  • Claymore
  • C4

Perks Allowed (across all factions)

  • Scavenger - Battlefield pickups are common
  • Bling - Real troops don't use ONE attachment
  • Lightweight - When you're getting shot at, you haul nuts a hell of a lot faster than I see these guys run
  • Hardline - There's not a lot of killstreaks, and with one life per player, we wouldn't even see those that are allowed very often otherwise
  • Steady Aim - The weapon's already pointed straight ahead, and there's only so many directions the first few rounds can go out of a weapon's barrel :p
  • Last stand - A gunshot is rarely instantly fatal, even a terminal one, unless it's a headshot, and the game compensates for this

Attachments DISallowed (across all factions)

  • Rapid Fire - If you think your weapon doesn't put out enough lead, YOU'RE not putting enough lead on target.
  • Heartbeat Sensor - Not no, but hell no.
  • Extended Mags (for the P90 and SPAS-12) - It just doesn't work that way.
  • Akimbo - No. Just no.


  • Assault Rifles: M4A1, SCAR-H, M16A4
  • Submachine Guns: MP5K, UMP45
  • Light Machine Guns: M240
  • Sniper Rifles: Barret .50cal
  • Machine Pistols: TMP
  • Shotguns: M1014
  • Handguns: USP.45, M9
  • Launchers: AT4-HS, Javelin


  • Assault Rifles: FAMAS, ACR
  • Submachine Guns: UMP45
  • Light Machine Guns: MG4,
  • Sniper Rifles: Barret .50cal
  • Machine Pistols: TMP
  • Shotguns: AA12
  • Handguns: USP.45
  • Launchers: AT4-HS, Javelin


  • Assault Rifles: FAMAS, F2000, AK-47
  • Submachine Guns: Vector, P90
  • Light Machine Guns: RPD, AUG-HBAR
  • Sniper Rifles: Barret .50cal
  • Machine Pistols: PP2000
  • Shotguns: Striker
  • Handguns: M9
  • Launchers: Stinger, RPG-7


  • Assault Rifles: FAL, M16A4, AK-47
  • Submachine Guns: Vector, Mini-Uzi
  • Light Machine Guns: RPD
  • Sniper Rifles: Barret .50cal
  • Machine Pistols: M93 Raffica, TMP
  • Shotguns: Ranger, Model 1887
  • Handguns: .44 Magnum, Desert Eagle
  • Launchers: Thumper, Stinger, RPG-7
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