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    first Strike was fun. Escalation rocked. But Call of Duty: Black Ops fans want more – they crave new battlegrounds and new experiences. Black Ops developer Treyarch knows this, so they’ve been busy creating another fresh batch of DLC maps: Annihilation. The newest add-on content will be ready for download from the PlayStation Store starting Thursday, July 28th. Annihilation features four new standard multiplayer arenas – Silo, Hangar 18, Drive-In and Hazard – and the deadly jungle Zombies experience, Shangri-La. “The goals we set were about quality and variety,” says Treyarch’s Online Director, Dan Bunting. “We wanted to make everything feel unique and distinct.” Annihilation delivers on those goals with five all-new environments:


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    on this site, [1], it is said Activision’s mega hit title has received quite a few map-packs till now and the latest one for Call of Duty Black Ops — Retaliation, is due in September. Apparently a website keeps leaking information about the map-packs and Activision keeps taking them down silently.

    The new map-pack will contain a total of 5 maps where four are multiplayer maps and one is a zombie map. Check out the list of maps and details after the break!

    The list of maps is as follows:

    Mansion: set in Castro’s secret compound in Cuba.

    Cargo: set in an frozen shipping center in Greenland.

    Metro: set in an urban city in Vietnam.

    Harbor: set in an abandoned shipyard in America.

    The map pack will also include a new Zombies map titled Quarantine, set i…

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    Zombie Perk idea

    May 9, 2011 by Jones143

    I have this idea, it is called LastSec Suco --

    This Suco can give you an power of Getting away from only zombies (by jumping away to an random place by teleportation) , but not anything else but zombies, it works though when zombies at 10-20 are at you. they will have to very close to you, dont think that you can just let them come at you! (This is for fun, but u know that) there's a little change that the teleportation can work.. But the the changes can rise if your player run alot in the maps.

    why that it is little changes because that the perk machine was broken, half done, and painted halfway red and white (but this not the problem). I dont Know about an Pic of It, i'll See later.

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  • Jones143

    New Zombie Map Picture!

    April 19, 2011 by Jones143

    A look at, who can we be playing as in this map?

    And these other maps, they look good, luck for the xbox players.

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  • Jones143

    Comment on your fav Zombie Map, my's maybe Der risese

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