on this site, [1], it is said Activision’s mega hit title has received quite a few map-packs till now and the latest one for Call of Duty Black Ops — Retaliation, is due in September. Apparently a website keeps leaking information about the map-packs and Activision keeps taking them down silently.

The new map-pack will contain a total of 5 maps where four are multiplayer maps and one is a zombie map. Check out the list of maps and details after the break!

The list of maps is as follows:

Mansion: set in Castro’s secret compound in Cuba.

Cargo: set in an frozen shipping center in Greenland.

Metro: set in an urban city in Vietnam.

Harbor: set in an abandoned shipyard in America.

The map pack will also include a new Zombies map titled Quarantine, set in Area 51, the highly controversial military base in Nevada. This is thought to be the final map-pack for COD:Black Ops.

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